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This page is about chapter 121. For the Neighbor country, see Galopoula. For other uses, see Galopoula (disambiguation).

Galopoula 6 (ガロプラ⑥ Garopura 6 ?) is chapter 127 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Border's counterattack continues and manages to push back the enemies outside the Border's Headquarters.

Long Summary[]

Yōtarō uses Raijinmaru to track Hyuse's scent. Jin's Side Effect activates, realizing that Yōtarō is trying to find Hyuse and thinks about how Kids go for the least likely futures like it's no big deal and knows that if he doesn't help defend the Away Ship knowing that if the Ship gets destroyed it would prevent Tamakoma Second from going on the Away Mission but claims that he has to deal with it himself then leaves it to the top attackers.

Meanwhile, Ninomiya Squad and Kako Squad shoot down the advancing Idras. Ninomiya then takes command and orders the Attackers and Gunners to encircle them and keep them from advancing, and to have half the Snipers descend and shoot them down. Kako gets annoyed about how Ninomiya is taking command so Kuruma gets Suwa to lead, Suwa then asks Ninomiya what to do which annoys him as it makes the argument pointless but Kako claims it is less annoying.

The Snipers come down and after they all greet each other however, Midorikawa is with the other half of the Snipers still atop the border base and is annoyed how his squad is still on a scouting trip. Afterwards Ninomiya tells everyone the plan: the Gunners and Shooters will wear down the enemy's defense while the Attackers assist, the Snipers will also assist but beyond the enemy's range and they all get ready to attack until they reach Miwa and Yōsuke.

Reghindetz orders Yomi to send more Dogs to surround them however, Yomi decides to activate Manual Mode for the Idras' instead as their teammates are almost at the Away Ship. After Manual Mode is turned on, two of the Idras' heads' and cores' light up.

Inside Border's headquarters, Gatlin and Rata reach the Away Ship's hangar, where they are blocked by Tachikawa, Konami, and Murakami. Gatlin prepares to face the three defenders, with Rata summoning Dogs to back him up, Gatlin also warns Rata about the multiple trion signatures in the room claiming that there could be traps. Tachikawa tells his group that Kinuta fortified the walls so they can use Meteor and then he informs Gatlin that the Away Ship was behind the door, and he would have to defeat the three of them. At that moment, Kazama uses the opportunity to launch a sneak attack as he was using Chameleon, cutting off Gatlin's left arm. Gatlin thinks about how the readings were used to hide Kazama and then activates his Trigger and replace his lost arm with Cannon. The battle begins.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Triggers in Order of Appearance[]

Side Effects[]


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