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This page is about Chapter 121. For the Neighbor country, see Galopoula. For other uses, see Galopoula (disambiguation).

Galopoula 9 (ガロプラ⑨ Garopura 9 ?) is Chapter 130 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Border continues fighting the Galopoula Expedition Force, with Nasu managing to defeat Wen.

Long Summary[]

Kuroe attempts to use Idaten again, though Kitora advises her not to. Kitora reminds Kuroe that their objective is to pin down the enemy.

Meanwhile, Nasu and Kumagai continue their battle with Wen. Wen is disadvantaged because her Dogs are out of bullets, so she decides to go all out. She creates clones that charge towards Kumagai, though only she attacks as her clones are intangible and simply go through Kumagai. Shiki is unable to detect Wen with Radar, so Nasu orders Kumagai to retreat to the hall so they could fight her in a straight path. However, Wen attacks Kumagai, but with not enough impact to initiate Bail Out. Kumagai realizes her opponent's goal is to have her run out of Trion. She notices that Wen was assembling mirrors on the ceiling, and alerts Nasu of it. Nasu uses Viper to destroy them, so Wen decides to quickly take out Kumagai, since the mirrors are responsible for the clones. Kumagai realizes that the clones were moving like a reflection of the real one's movements, and deduces the real Wen was on the second on the right. However, Kikuchihara informs her that the real one is the rightmost one. She slashes that one, and it turns out to be the real one. Wen is confused about how she managed to accomplish this. Nasu uses Viper to finish her off once and for all. Kumagai discerns that Wen used her transformation Trigger to switch places with her clone. Koskero is informed of her defeat, and notes that Border's members are indeed strong.

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