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Galopoula Expedition Force
Koskero Wen Sō
Reghindetz Ratarikov


B-Class Rank Battles Arc[]

The force is first seen in their ship discussing the general details about their mission: to cripple Border's offensive abilities. Gatlin decided to do this by destroying the Expedition Ship of Border's Expedition Force. They send Trion Warriors provided by Rodochroun to evaluate the strength of Border's defenses. Then, they sent a large wave of them. Gatlin, Wen Sō, and Ratarikov blend in and Ratarikov uses his Trigger to go through the walls of Border to reach the ship while Reghindetz and Koskero served as a distraction outside of Border. The three members inside of Border are attacked by Jin and Nasu Unit, but they manage to continue unharmed, though Wen Sō must stay to fight Nasu Unit. Using Servitora and impersonation tactics, she makes progress, but Nasu Unit, with the help of Kikuchihara, defeats her. Meanwhile, Miwa Unit finds Koskero. Koskero uses Nikokyra to dull his foes' blades and restricts their movement, but in the end, he finds himself slashed by Jin and retreats. Ratarikov and Gatlin head towards the Expedition Ship's dock, only to find themselves confronted by Tachikawa, Kazama, Konami, and Murakami. Despite putting up a considerable effort, they are overcome by Tachikawa's suicide tactic where he had Konami bisect both him and Gatlin, while Kazama took care of Ratarikov. With all members but Reghindetz retreated, the mission is considered a failure. However, Reghindetz attempts to lure Border's attention by pretending to attack Mikado City, but Jin's forecast alerts them of the trick at hand. He is frustrated, though he is soon confronted by Hyuse and Yōtarō, the former of which demands that he be taken home. Reghindetz orders Hyuse to take Yōtarō hostage to prove his allegiance to Aftokrator, but Hyuse takes things one step further and appears to stab him. Reghindetz is horrified at the excessive measure Hyuse took and informs him that Aftokrator had abandoned him, and that from the get-go, he had no intention of letting Hyuse join; even planning to kill him if necessary. However, this turns out to be a ruse; Hyuse used Scorpion to maneuver the blade around Yōtarō's body. Being tricked angers Reghindetz, who activates Thugater. However, he is easily defeated by Hyuse and his Lampyris. Reghindetz retreats, which makes all members defeated. In the ship, Gatlin notes that while the mission was a failure, they have plenty of time to try again.


  • The buttons on their uniform seem to represent a hierarchy. For example, Gatlin has one button,[citation needed] indicating that he has the greatest-ranked role (#1), and Yomi, the operator, has 6 buttons,[citation needed] indicating that he has the lowest-ranked role. If this is the case, then the order would be:
  1. Gatlin
  2. Koskero
  3. Wen Sō
  4. Reghindetz
  5. Ratarikov
  6. Yomi