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Gatlin (ガトリン Gatorin?) is a captain from Galopoula.


Gatlin is a tall, well-built man with short dark hair and a scar on his forehead running down-left. He also has beard stubbles.


He seems to be a careful and cunning individual, as he decided to cripple Border through non-violent methods as much as possible, realizing Aftokrator's plan was to make Border resent and go after Galopoula and Rodochroun instead.[citation needed] Not even being defeated caused him to lose his composure; rather, during and after the battle he praised his opponents.




  • As with the other Galopoula Expedition Force members, Gatlin's name originates from a character from Kiteretsu Daihyakka, with some possible modifications. In his case, his name is simply an anagram of the character Kōji Tongari's surname ((とんがり)) written in Katakana (トンガリ).
    • "Gatlin" or "Gattlin" is also an English surname meaning "Fellow" or "Companion".
  • According to Volume 16, he likes;
    • Family
    • Spit-roasted fish
    • Venison stew