Gatlin was put by Amō in the same class of power as Shinoda,[1] HQ's most powerful man with a Normal Trigger. Indeed, he was able to fight on equal ground with Kei Tachikawa, Kirie Konami and Kō Murakami, three of Border's top four Attackers, at the same time.[2][3] The only injuries he suffered where caused by Sōya Kazama's sneak attack, which he dodged to some degree,[4] and the one that decreed his defeat, although his opponents had taken advantage of Jin's foresight. He managed to analyse the fighting style and strategies of Border agents in the middle of the fight.[5] He also seems to be a capable captain, as his underlings obey his every order without question.


Gatlin's Triggers
Type: White trion Normal Disguise
Disguising Trigger

A Trigger that enables the user to mimic the appearance of another person[6] or of a Trion soldier.[7] It might be an ability of Servitora, rather than a trigger itself.

Type: White trion Normal Shield
Galopoula Shield

Similar to in appearance and function to Border's Shield, this Trigger allows the user to create a floating barrier in any position withn a certain radius from themselves. It was only seen projected in pentagonal form and seemingly in no more than two different sizes. It is durable enough to resist even the slashes of Fūjin, a Black Trigger.[8] It does not consume any tokens.

Type: White trion Normal Summon
Gatlin summoning

When planted into a solid surface, this Trigger opens up a small portal through which a Dog comes out.[4] In general, a Galopoula soldier carries many of them.[9][4] By using a mortar, Koskero can fire several dozens of these Triggers at once, gaining also a remarkable increase in range.[10]

Type: White trion Normal Vasilissa
Gatlin's Trigger

Gatlin is highly skilled in the use of Vasilissa, fending off the attacks of three of Border's top Attackers at the same time while also managing to strike back. The primary means of offense of this Trigger are the sharp blades at the end of each of the four arms. The arms are very durable and their reach is longer than that of most melee Triggers. He can also use them to maneuver on vertical surfaces. Should a blade be cut off, it can be replaced by a flat shield.

Type: White trion Normal Cannon

A Trigger that, when inserted in the stump of an arm, creates a powerful firearm capable of shooting a devastating beam with the power to pierce a reinforced trion wall and destroy anything behind it.[11] However, it can be stopped by the combination of a Raygust in Shield Mode and a highly concentrated Shield, both at an angle to disperse some of its power. In return for its destructive force, the cannon takes a few minutes to recharge after the first shot,[12] and has a strong kickback, which Gatlin counters by planting Vasilissa's arms firmly into the ground.[13]


Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[14] 10 13 9 6 10 5 9 4 66