B-Class Rank Battles ArcEdit

Gatlin is the captain of the force sent to Earth by Galopoula. He informs the others of their mission: to cripple Border's offensive capabilities.[citation needed] He decides that this will best be done by destroying the Expedition Force#Expedition Ship.[citation needed] After sending Dogs to scout, he disguises as an Idra and intrudes HQ with Ratarikov and Wen Sō.[citation needed] While they are running through, Amō senses that he is around Shinoda's level in strength.[citation needed] Jin attempt to strike them down using Fūjin, but the information from Aftokrator helps them block the attack. Travelling towards the ship, they are confronted by Nasu and Kumagai. Wen Sō stays behind to deal with them, while Ratarikov and Gatlin advance. They reach the door to the ship, where the find it blocked by Tachikawa, Kazama, Konami, and Murakami. He engages in a two-on-one battle with Tachikawa and Konami. He manages to defend and overwhelm the duo, only being damaged by Kazama's sneak attacks. He tries to shoot the ship with his cannon, but Murakami blocks it. However, Tachikawa comes up with the idea of having Konami bisect both Gatlin and himself, which would follow Jin's porphecy. Gatlin attempts one last shot at the cannon; Murakami blocks it once again. With that, he and Ratarikov retreat. Back on their ship, Gatlin notes that while it was a failure, they had plenty of time to come up with another plan.