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Charon, you have to perish along with me, for Dr. Lamia. Welcome to the world of failures!

Gieve to Charon in A Reversed Future.[1]

Gieve (ギーヴ Gīvu?) is a new character introduced in the anime's Fugitive Arc. He is a humanoid Trion Warrior created by Dr. Lamia as a prototype.



Gieve has shoulder-length blonde hair and matching yellow eyes. He wears a white-and-black military-looking uniform with red stripes around the edges and a black cape/cloak.


Gieve is known to be arrogant and hot-headed, but is also a cold and careful fighter. As shown in his flashbacks, he used to be kind and passionate.[3] When he realizes he was a Trion Warrior all along and his memories were implanted, he starts losing his mind, becoming insane.



Due to the implanted memories,[citation needed] Gieve despises Xeno, and when Xeno reveals he doesn't know him, he assumes that Xeno forgot about him.[citation needed] He becomes obsessed with Xeno, to the point of losing his mind.[citation needed]


Gieve worships Lilith, calling her Ergates' beloved "goddess of destruction". He is willing to do whatever it takes in order to take her back to Ergates.[citation needed]


As shown in his flashbacks,[3] he was fond of Lamia. He is hinted to have feelings for her, and doesn't mind the fact she probably considered him a failure.[3][4]


  • (To Charon) "Charon, you have to perish along with me, for Dr. Lamia. Welcome to the world of failures!"[1]


  • His name might come from Gêv, one of the foremost heroes of the national epic in the reigns of Kay Kāvus and Kay Khosrow.
  • He shares his name with Gieve from The Heroic Legend of Arslan.


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