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HQ's Top Teams (本部トップ部隊(チーム) Honbu Toppu Chīmu?) is chapter 24 of the World Trigger manga..

Short summary[]

HQ's top three teams, Tachikawa Unit, Kazama Unit, and Fuyushima Unit, had arrived from their mission to Menoeides, and are ordered by Commander Kido to secure Yūma's Black Trigger. On their way to Tamakoma, Jin shows up to stop them.

Long summary[]

At Border HQ, Border's Top Teams returns from its mission to Menoeides and present four unknown triggers to Commander Kido. Kinuta comments that with the new Triggers, Border's engineering will progress even further.

Kazama presented Neighbor's Trigger to Kido

Kido then briefs them that there currently is a new Black Trigger at Tamakoma Branch and ask Miwa Unit to explain in detail. Narasaka relates the details of Miwa Unit's encounter with Yūma, Jin's intervention, and Yūma's subsequent acceptance into Tamakoma Branch. Kazama; however, is not surprised by this information, recalling that Tamakoma's previous engineer was a Neighbor. Kido immediately orders them to retrieve the Black Trigger by using any means necessary to obtain it. Narasaka fills the group in on Yūma's daily schedule, and Tachikawa surprises everyone by saying they should attack later that night. Miwa cautions them not to underestimate Yūma, but his warning is brushed off, leaving Miwa to reflect on how he has never liked Tachikawa.

Back at Tamakoma, Chika's Trion level test reveals that she is at super A-Rank, or Black Trigger level, which impress both Kirie and Shiori. Both Reiji and Konami praise their students Chika and Yūma, the latter who takes the chance to say he could surpass Konami's level, but Kyōsuke only says they should have hope for Osamu's future. When Konami says they don't need weaklings at Tamakoma, Kyōsuke says that Osamu called her cute, causing her to blush happily while saying that she doesn't care about the compliment. Kyōsuke quickly retracts and says it was a lie, and Konami pounds on Osamu in retaliation, although Osamu tries to explain to no avail that it wasn't his fault.

Elsewhere in the Forbidden Zone, the HQ teams are speeding toward Tamakoma Branch. Again, Miwa thinks he has never liked Tachikawa, realizing it's because he and Jin are very similar. They pull up suddenly when Jin appears in front of them and casually asks where they are headed.

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