Azuma joined Border during its debut.[1] He was Border's first sniper and formerly in A-class rank 01, as well as Kizaki's, and Narasaka's mentor, as well as many others.

Border Enlistment ArcEdit

Azuma is first introduced in Chapter 34, as one of the B-Class Snipers helping Ken Satori to train and guide the Sniper Trainees.[2]When Chika positions herself to shoot, she turns around to him, which puzzles him. He asks her what's the matter and she asks him if she needs to run after each shot, to which he replies she doesn't.[3]

Large-Scale Invasion Arc Edit

Azuma next appears in when trion Soldiers attack, alongside his teammates to start eliminating trion soldiers. When Koarai and Okudera eliminated the normal trion soldiers, he complimented them on their battle skills and moved to assist other units. When the Rabbits appeared, he noted that they were too close, and attempted to warn Okudera of the rabbit attack.[4]

Unfortunately he was too slow, and Okudera was separated from the group. When Koarai was overwhelmed with anger, he attempted to calm his teammate down, but was unfortunately unable to do so, leading Kaorai to be captured. Azuma attempted to kill the Rabbit, but unable to do so, he instead shot off Kaorai’s head, forcing a bail out. He then reported to Director Shinoda that they encountered a new trion soldier, and that it aims to capture unit members.

Shortly after the report, Lamvanein was teleported right before Azuma and Taichi.[5] Azuma immediately ordered a retreat, as Lamvanein prepared for an attack. Azuma was saved however when Chano’s unit appeared to start firing and distract him for a moment. Azuma warned them to be careful, but it was too late. They were defeated in one hit. He warned Taichi to not stop running, but the warning was once again in vain, and Taichi was forced to bail out as well.

Lamvanein aimed for him, but Arafune’s unit backed him up at the last second, congratulating him on his luring job. As Lamvanein blocked the shots, Azuma noted that they were the ones lured instead.

Azuma assumed control over the nearby B-class teams, warning the attackers not to attack carelessly. Midorikawa Shun, Izumi Kouhei and Yoneya Yōsuke appeared on the scene, and Kouhei asked Azuma for his opinion on what to do.[6]  As the three A-class units forced Lamvanein into the sky, Azuma and Tetsuji Arafune sniped him from surrounding buildings. Arafune noted that they wouldn’t be able to get close to him now, but Azuma contradicted him, stating that now was the perfect time.

Using the groups numerical advantage, Azuma helped draw Lamvanein into a trap, resulting in Lamvanein’s defeat at the hands of Yoneya. When Lamvanein retreated through a portal and Shun wished to follow him, Azuma was the one who told him not to follow.[7]

After the battle, Azuma promised to treat the three A-rankers.

Azuma is seen south of HQ after the Aftokrator is forced into retreating, reporting that 15 C-ranked trainees were missing.[8]  He and his team received a Outstanding Service Reward.[9]

B-Rank Rank Battles Arc Edit

Azuma appeared as a commentator during the rank wars,[10] He commentated on the battle between Tamakoma-2, Suwa Unit, and Arafune Unit alongside Sakurako Taketomi and Midorikawa. He notes that it is quite impressive for a team to get all 8 points. When City C appeared, he explained the city ground, noting that Tamakoma won’t be aiming for a sniper battle due to the difference in sniper skills.

He is also the first to notice Tamakoma-2’s plan.