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Haruaki Azuma 2 (東 春秋② Azuma Haruaki 2?) is chapter 112 of the World Trigger manga.

Short Summary[]

Osamu Mikumo engaged in battle with Sumiharu Inukai but was interrupted by Azuma Unit and Shinnosuke Tsuji.

Long Summary[]

Osamu gets into a firefight with Inukai, who is determined to not let him unite with Yūma. Yūma attempts to get to Osamu on Usami's orders, but is intercepted by Tsuji. Yūma prepares to fight Tsuji, but Kageura appears, insistent of fighting Yūma himself. Tsuji uses the opportunity to leave and meet up with Inukai.

While training with Arashiyama, Osamu learns that the advantage that a Shooter has over a Gunner is controlling the bullet before shooting. Using this advantage well would make bullets more effective. At the same time, if a Shooter is unable to get near the Gunner, the Gunner would have the advantage.
Flashback End

Osamu, realizing this, flees from Inukai by heading into a building and then turning into a hall. Inukai pursues him and gets into a close-up with Osamu. Osamu attempts to shoot him with Asteroid bullets he had placed while Inukai was on the other side of the hall.

Inukai blocks the attack though, commending Osamu on his efforts, and nearly defeats him when Koarai and Okudera burst in and cut off his left arm. Okudera and Koarai prepare to go in for the kill when Tsuji breaks through the wall to save his teammate. While Tsuji and Inukai fight with Okudera and Kodera, Osamu attempts to use this distraction and earn points. At the same time, because he is stationary, Azuma uses this opportunity to snipe him, successfully hitting him and forcing him to Bail Out.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

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