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The Headquarters ((ほん)(), Honbu?) is the main facility of Border, run by Masamune Kido.


The base has a rather complex layout, as it can be customized as needed due to their possession of a Mother Trigger. This is seen most of all by Kinuta reinforcing the walls after Chika fired through the wall with an Ibis rifle. Corridors connect ajoining rooms large and small, including the Operator Rooms, the Holo-Display room, the Sniper Range, and more.

Since Izuho brings her cat in there and Yōtarō brings Raijinmaru, it's clear that animals are allowed in the building.

Solo Rank Wars Booths[]

Used by various agents of all ranks, these virtual simulation rooms allow a safe space to train and refine your skills. Hyuse complimented the technology, suggesting it's Border-unique; or at least, Aftokrator does not have it. Booths can be accessed through a common area featuring large screens tallying the day's match-up's.

Operator Rooms[]

HQ's Operation Room

Each squad has their own operator room, or strategy room (C-rank squads dont't count as official squads, so Kōda Squad don't have one). A-Rank Squads have more space (complete with a kitchenette) and therefore more ability to customize their Operator rooms. When agents bail out, they typically head to these rooms that are equipped with beds to fall onto, although not all of them are at HQ, namely the branches. If they bail out inside the base, there are a series of vents that will take them to the Operator room of their squad which is mainly used during Group Rank Wars.

Holo Display Room[]

Holo projection of planetary nations' orbits

The room seen when the higher-ups meet with Yuma about information on the Neighborhood, where they have a holographic projection of the map of the Neighborhood. It is currently unknown if they ever use the projection for anything else, but it's set up so that there are rows of seats on three sides, with the holo projector in the center. Due to Replica's update, it houses a great deal of information gathered by Yūgo Kuga, Yuma's father.

Sniper Range[]

Considered the largest room in the base, it's where Snipers, especially the trainees, go to train and rank up. It's also where Chika blew a hole in the wall firing an Ibis.



EP74 Amou.png
Tsukihiko Amō


Kei.jpg Izumi ep 78 profile.png Yuiga.png Kunichika ep 83 profile.png
Kei Tachikawa
Kōhei Izumi
Takeru Yuiga
Yuu Kunichika
Fuyushima Ep 74 Profile.png Toma ep 83 profile.png MakiCh207.jpg
Shinji Fuyushima
Isami Tōma
Risa Maki
Kazama ep 75 profile.png Utagawa ep 92 profile.png Shiori-0.jpg Mikami Portrait.png
Sōya Kazama
Ryō Utagawa
Shirō Kikuchihara
Kaho Mikami
KusakabeCh212.png MidorikawaUWU.png Saeki.png Satomi Ep 94.JPG Hayato 205.png
Saki Kusakabe
Shun Midorikawa
Ryūji Saeki
Kazuma Satomi
Hayato Uno
Arashiyama Ep 88 profile.png Ai Kitora's communicator.png Tokieda ep 78 profile.png Satori ep 92 profile.png Haruka Ayatsuji (anime) 2.png
Jun Arashiyama
Ai Kitora
Mitsuru Tokieda
Ken Satori
Haruka Ayatsuji
KakoUniformCandidAnime2.0.png KuroeUniformCandid Anime.png KitagawaProfile.png KobayakawaPortrait.png
Nozomi Kako
Futaba Kuroe
Mai Kitagawa
An Kobayakawa
Miwa ep 96.png Yoneya s2e2.png Narasaka ep 74 profile.png Kodera profile ep 97.png Ren Ep 76 profile.png
Shūji Miwa
Yōsuke Yoneya
Tōru Narasaka
Shōhei Kodera
Ren Tsukimi
Katagiri Squad
A-Rank #8
Takaaki Katagiri.png Yukimaru Ichijō.png Tōichirō Momozono.png Asumi.png Yuitsuka Ep 87 profile.png
Takaaki Katagiri
Yukimaru Ichijō
Tōichirō Momozono
Asumi Amakura
Karin Yuitsuka

B-Rank Upper Group[]

Ninomiya profile.png Inukai Ep 88 Profile.png Tsuji Ep 91 profile.png Hiyami Ep 93.JPG
Masataka Ninomiya
Sumiharu Inukai
Shinnosuke Tsuji
Aki Hiyami
Kageura Profile ep 88.png Ema 88.png Kitazoe ep 88 profile.png Hikari Ep 88 Profile.png
Masato Kageura
Yuzuru Ema
Hiro Kitazoe
Hikari Nire
IkomaAnime.png MizukamiAnime.png OkiAnime.png KaiAnime.png Mario anime over it.png
Tatsuhito Ikoma
Satoshi Mizukami
Kōji Oki
Kai Minamisawa
Maori Hosoi
Oji anime.png Kurauchi profile ep 99.png Kashio ep 83 Profile.png HayaAnime.png
Kazuaki Ōji
Kazuki Kurauchi
Yutaka Kashio
Haya Kittaka
Azuma 88.png Koarai 88.png Okudera 88.png Hitomi ep 88 profile.png
Haruaki Azuma
Noboru Koarai
Tsuneyuki Okudera
Mako Hitomi
NasuEp75.png Ep74 Kuma.png Sayoko ep 76 profile.png
Rei Nasu
Yūko Kumagai
Sayoko Shiki

B-Rank Middle Group[]

Yuba Head.png Obishima Head.png Tanooka Head.png Nono Head.png
Takuma Yuba
Yukari Obishima
Kazuto Tonooka
Nono Fujimaru
Arafune ep 87 profile.png Hokari Ep 87 profile.png Hanzaki ep 74 profile.png Rin ep 40 profile.png
Tetsuji Arafune
Atsushi Hokari
Yoshito Hanzaki
Rin Kagami
Youko Anime.png Yuta Anime.png Rokuro Anime.png Hana Anime.png
Yōko Katori
Yūta Miura
Rokurō Wakamura
Hana Somei
Suwa Ep 75.JPG Tsutsumi (anime).png Sasamori S3E1.png Rui Osano (anime).png
Kōtarō Suwa
Daichi Tsutsumi
Hisato Sasamori
Rui Osano
Kakizaki Ep 78 Profile.png Teruya Ep 78 Profile.png Tomoe Anime.png Ui ep 79 profile.png
Kuniharu Kakizaki
Fumika Teruya
Kotarō Tomoe
Madoka Ui
Urushima Squad
B-Rank #14
Wataru Urushima.jpg RikaPortrait.png
Wataru Urushima
Rika Rokuta

B-Rank Lower Group[]

No Pic Infobox.png No Pic Infobox.png No Pic Infobox.png Taketomi ep 78 profile.png
Takahiro Ebina
Yukito Otokawa
Shō Motegi
Sakurako Taketomi
No Pic Infobox.png No Pic Infobox.png No Pic Infobox.png No Pic Infobox.png
Satoru Hayakawa
Ryōgo Funabashi
Seiji Marui
Asami Taya
Yūichirō Yoshizato anime (38).jpg Hidetaka Kitazoe anime (38).jpg Hanao Anime.jpg No Pic Infobox.png
Yūichirō Yoshizato
Hidetaka Kitazoe
Hanao Tsukimi
Asuka Asagiri
No Pic Infobox.png No Pic Infobox.png No Pic Infobox.png No Pic Infobox.png
Hitoshi Matsushiro
Masakuni Hakoda
Yūya Tsuchisaki
Ayumu Hatori
Chano.png Fujisawa.png No Pic Infobox.png
Makoto Chano
Itsuki Fujisawa
Megumi Tokura
No Pic Infobox.png No Pic Infobox.png No Pic Infobox.png No Pic Infobox.png No Pic Infobox.png
Mamoru Tokiwa
Tokiya Saitō
Waka Utsunomiya
Yoshinobu Kera
Hazuki Nanao
Mamiya Squad
Ranking Unknown
Mamiya Anime.png Koinuma Anime.png Hata Anime.png No Pic Infobox.png
Keizō Mamiya
Mitsuya Koinuma
Minoru Hata
Aoi Kusumoto


Koda ep 85 profile.png Fumifumi ep 85 Profile.png Hidehide ep 85 Profile.png
Teruteru Kōda
Fumifumi Saotome
Hidehide Hinoe
Solo Agents
Izuho Ep 92 profile.png
Izuho Natsume


Kido ep 82 profile.png EP74 Shinoda.png EP74 Sawamura.png Kinuta ep 82 Profile.png
Masamune Kido
HQ Commander
Chief Executive
Masafumi Shinoda
HQ Director
Defense Corps Commander
Kyōko Sawamura
Assistant HQ Director
Motokichi Kinuta
Research and Development Director
Netsuki ep 92 Profile.png Karasawa ep 81 profile.png Raizo ep 71 profile.png Mizunuma Anime.png
Eizō Netsuki
Public Relations Director
Katsumi Karasawa
External Affairs Director
Business Director
Raizō Terashima
Seiji Mizunuma
Human Resources Director
Ruka Shinoda WT.png
Ruka Shinoda