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Hidetaka Kitazoe ((きた)(ぞえ) (ひで)(たか) Kitazoe Hidetaka?) is a B-rank All-Rounder and a member of Yoshizato Squad.


Kitazoe is a light-skinned, young man of average height and build. He has small eyes and messy, medium-length dark hair. Like his teammates', his uniform emulates a basic tracksuit style, combining a high-collared, zipped sweater with a single white line running along its sleeves with darker pants and a black undershirt[2] (maroon in the anime).[3] Border's logo is located on the outer side of both sleeves, roughly around the half point of the humerus.


Introduction Arc[]

Yoshizato Squad was presumably involved in the extermination of all rads in Mikado City.[4]

B-Rank Wars Arc[]

In the first round of the bottom group match of the night division of rank wars, Kitazoe's Squad goes against Mamiya Squad and Tamakoma Second however they are easily taken down by Yūma.[5]


As an All-Rounder, Kitazoe has scored at least 6000 points with an Attacker Trigger and a Gunner Trigger. As such, he should be individually more powerful than C-rank trainees and some B-rank agents. His main weapon is an assault rifle.[5] Kitazoe's Squad is strong at standard tactics.[2] However, all three members were single-handedly taken down by Yūma[5] before they could show their true capabilities.[2]


Reference Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[6] 5 4 4 5 4 4 2 3 31



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