Wanna join me at the kotatsu table and eat tangerines?

Hikari Nire to Chika Amatori and Izuho Natsume, in Aftokrator 5.[1]

Hikari Nire (()() (ひかり) Nire Hikari?) is the Operator of Kageura Unit.


Hikari Nire (manga) 2

Nire is a light-skinned, slender young woman with magenta eyes and chest-length auburn hair that is tied in a ponytail with a pink scrunchie to the left side of her head, with the rest of the hair loose. She has moderately prominent canines.[4] When off duty, comfort appears to be the main factor in her clothing style. She has been seen lazing around her unit's strategy room in a light pink t-shirt under a black track jacket with pink outlines and two thin stripes on the side of the sleeves, with a matching pair of pants.[5] To hang out at Kageura's restaurant she donned a stylish track sweater and light-colored shorts.[6]

In her trion body she wears the standard Operator uniform with the addition of her signature scrunchie.


Nire comes across as a very carefree person, bordering on lazy.[5] She spends much of her time at Border under her kotatsu,[7] and, if someone other than her teammates is brought to the strategy room, she will invite them to join her.[1] She is very energetic and cheerful in other social situations,[4] in sharp contrast to her demeanor during rank battles.[2][8][9][10][11] Like Kitazoe, she is more concerned about the unit's ranking than Kageura and Ema, which may cause her to clash, albeit very light-heartedly, with her teammates[9][11] and neglect their safety for the sake of scoring more points.[12] Even so, she is wont to complain about her workload when carrying out standard Operator duties, and to claim that her teammates would be lost without her.[2][13][14] Her younger brother being very independent has led Nire to look for others to fawn over,[7] so she may on occasion behave like an impish older sister with Ema in particular, expressing shock when he invited Chika Amatori and Izuho Natsume over to their strategy room[15] and subsequently spying on them.[16]


Yuzuru EmaEdit

Ema and Nire are teammates and part of Kageura's circle of close friends.[4] She shares with Kitazoe an interest in rank battles that normally exceeds Kageura's and Ema's, which might cause her to come at odds with the sniper, albeit in a very light-hearted manner.[11] He is vexed by her habit of making a fuss about bringing guests to the unit's strategy room, especially if they are girls.[15][1] Nonetheless, the two enjoy a good relationship, with Nire at least suspecting that he has a crush and privately rejoicing that he is making the most of his youth.[16] She is responsible for inviting him to join the unit[7] and may behave with the cheeky familiarity of an older sister around him.[15][16] They address the other by their first name.[15][13]

Hiro KitazoeEdit

Kitazoe and Nire are teammates and part of Kageura's circle of close friends.[4] The Gunner often asks for her assistance during rank battles, unfailingly prompting her to complain about how much her teammates rely on her.[2][17][18] Nonetheless, she shares with Kitazoe an interest in rank battles that exceeds Kageura's and Ema's,[11] which might cause her to chide Kitazoe for his failures[2] and to express a complete lack of concern for his survival in the competition.[8] Kitazoe calls her by her first name and appends the suffix -chan, while she uses his nickname and no honorific.[2]

Masato KageuraEdit

Nire is Kageura's teammate and one of his closest friends whom he invites to his family's restaurant.[19] She can effortlessly shrug off Kageura's attitude[6] and, like Kitazoe, spurs Kageura to be more invested in rank battles,[9][11] during which she routinely complains about her teammates relying too much on her.[14] She was visibly displeased with Sumiharu Inukai's unflattering commentary at the end of round eight.[20] Kageura calls her by her first name[14] while she uses his nickname,[9] neither adding an honorific.

Yūma Kuga, Kō Murakami, Isami TōmaEdit

Murakami, Nire, and Tōma are all part of Kageura's circle of friends, to which Yūma was recently added. She behaves informally around them.[19]

Atsushi HokariEdit

Hokari and Nire appear to be on good terms, with her greeting him enthusiastically when they met at Kageura's restaurant. She calls him by his nickname without adding an honorific.[6]

Tetsuji ArafuneEdit

Arafune and Nire appear to be on good terms, with her greeting him enthusiastically when they met at Kageura's restaurant and he smiling back at her. She calls him by his surname, without honorifics.[6]


Nire is known to be a very competent Operator,[7] and as such she should be an excellent multi-tasker with an excellent ability to prioritize information. She appears to be rather proficient at operating her terminal, consistently provides topographical data to Kitazoe[2] and quickly locating an object for her teammates and highlighting it in Ema's vision.[18]


Trion Power Machine Operation Analysis Parallel Processing Tactics Command Total
Border Briefing File[21] 5 7 7 8 7 6 35


  • (On various occasions) "Geez, you guys can't do anything without me."[2][13][14]
  • (To Hiro Kitazoe) "Hold him back and then you can die!"[8]
  • (To Masato Kageura) "Make sure you score points, Kage! Don't waste Zoe's death!"[9]
  • "They're... girls! Yuzuru brought girls over!"[15]
  • (To Chika Amatori and Izuho Natsume) "Wanna join me at the kotatsu table and eat tangerines?"[1]
  • "I can't tell what they're saying... But it's good to be young, Yuzuru...!"[16]
  • (To Kageura's friends) "Heeeey, you sad, lonely boys! I, Hikari, am here for you!"[4]
  • (To her teammates) "Ooh, and he's an hottie to boot!"[22]


  • "Hikari" ((ひかり)?) literally means "light", while "Nire" (an alternative reading of 仁礼(にれい) Nirei?) means "kindness, courtesy".
  • She likes manga, animals, shopping, and idling about.[21][23]
  • She does not let her teammates enter her kotatsu without her explicit permission.[21][24]
  • Her grades are among the worst out of all the 17-year-old agents.[7]
  • The image on the back cover of Volume 14 reveals that not only she was barefoot when Ema took Chika and Natsume to the strategy room, but also that she had put on her pants in reverse, her back pocket being visible on the front.
  • The author called her a "sleepy helpful sister".[7]
  • Her voice actress, Yurie Kobori, also voices Futatsugi and Mira.


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