Kitazoe is a skilled Gunner, being a member of the B-Rank No. 2 Unit, formerly an A-Rank team, and above Master Class. He is one of the few Gunners who can score points by himself thanks to his high trion levels.[1] His only weaknesses are his size, which makes him a big target, and his relatively low mobility.[1] He boasts a very high range for a Gunner,[2] which allows him to target distant opponents either in order to pick them off or to create chaos in their general area,[3] drawing them out[2] and making it easier for his teammates to score.[4] However, he can also fight proficiently at mid-range, especially by providing cover fire for his captain.[5] He was able to easily outgun Tatsuya Kuruma in a mid-range confrontation, although the tides turned when the latter switched to Full Attack.[5]

Kitazoe is proficient at multi-tasking, and was seen giving directions to Ema and Nire while his teammates while Kageura and he were both fighting.[6] When fighting as a support he always has an eye on his captain to defend him promptly.[7] Kitazoe was praised for his quick-thinking by Inukai,[8] and in fact he proved himself capable of influencing whole battles right until the moment of his defeat: right before Ninomiya forced him to bail out, Kitazoe disrupted a fighting flow that was unfavorable for his captain and allowed him to score,[9] while on another occasion he blew himself up right after suffering a lethal blow to take his assailant with him[10] as well as to create an escape route for Kageura.[11]

Aside from his skills with Triggers, Kitazoe's flesh and blood body makes him one of the two physically strongest Border members, the other being Reiji Kizaki. Despite his constitution, he was also noted to be a good runner as well as a capable dancer.[12]

Triggers Edit

Hiro Kitazoe's Triggers
Type: White trion Normal Meteor

Kitazoe meteora anime

Zoe high angle1

Classification: GU Gunner
Kitazoe's most used offensive Trigger is Meteor, which he fires through either one grenade launcher[4] or two in Full Attack,[3] depending on whether he must activate Bagworm for stealth. He uses it primarily to force enemies out of hiding[3] and wreak havoc on the battlefield,[13] but also to break himself and allies out of dangerous environments.[8] Should he be on the verge of being eliminated, he can also use it for a suicide attack.[10] Thanks to the grenade launchers and his abundant trion reserves, Kitazoe's range is greater than that of the vast majority of Gunners.[2] Kitazoe is first seen using Meteor in Chapter 113 (Episode 69 in the anime).

High-Angle Bombardment (曲射砲撃(きょくしゃほうげき) Kyokusha Hōgeki?): After moving to a suitable spot, Kitazoe shoots multiple Meteor rounds through one or more grenade launchers at all the enemies within sight or who are visible on Radar in quick succession,[14] although by his own admission the technique has low accuracy in the latter case.[3] Even if the attacks does not connect, however, it can dramatically alter the landscape and help his teammates score by creating chaos.[15]

Type: White trion Normal Bagworm
Kitazoe Bagworm anime
Classification: OP Optional
Kitazoe rarely activates Bagworm, but he may do so to look for an ideal position to launch a High-Angle Bombardment if there are powerful opponents or Snipers around.[4] He is first seen using it in Chapter 114 (Episode 69 in the anime)

Type: White trion Normal Asteroid
Kitazoe Asteroid (167)
Classification: GU Gunner
A Trigger with no special attributes but high firepower which Zoe uses when Meteor risks exposing him to Sniper fire or endanger his teammates. He fires it through a gun Trigger of the assault rifle type, which grants him an excellent rate of fire, often in conjunction with Shield. Thanks to his high firepower and proficiency, he quickly outgunned Tatsuya Kuruma before the latter switched to Full Attack.[5]

Type: White trion Normal Shield
Kitazoe Shield (168)
Classification: DE Defense
Kitazoe summons his Shield to protect himself while engaging the opponent with Asteroid.[16] He does not alter its shape but has it cover his body while he fires from its side.[17] He can also cast it on his allies[7] so they can retaliate using Triggers from both the Sub and the Main without remaining undefended.


Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[2] 9 7 7 5 7 6 4 3 48


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