Large-Scale Invasion ArcEdit

Sasamori appeared alongside Suwa and Tatsumi when trion soldiers attack the city.[1] While Suwa and Tatsumi fire fruitlessly, they order Sasamori to wrench it open via using a blade in the chinks to cut it open. The rabbit responded by shocking him, causing him to fall off. Tatsumi rushed to Sasamori side, as Suwa was captured. 

They both were rescued by Kazama's Unit. Sasamori begged to be included among the attackers, but was promptly turned down by Kazama who stated that he'd only slow them down and die fruitlessly. At Utagawa's urging, he and Tatsumi withdrew to fight with other B-teams.[2] They were however recalled to take Suwa's cube back to headquarters to be analyzed.[3]

When Enedra launched an attack on HQ, Sasamori once again appears alongside Suwa and Tatsumi to distract him from the fleeing engineers.[4] The three lure Enedra into the training simulation room, where Sasamori observes that while they can't be beaten, they can't beat him in return.[5] They continue attacking anyways, occupying Enedra until Director Shinoda arrives. 

After a short bout between Enedra and Shinoda, Sasamori launched an attack on the Enedra's relay system, with Suwa and Tatsumi providing covering fire. Unfortunately Sasamori was spotted and forced to bail out before landing the final blow. However Kazama complimented his distraction, stating that he has done well.[6]

He, along with the rest of Team Suwa, received an Excellent Service Reward.[7]

B-Class Rank Battles ArcEdit

Sasamori next appeared with his team at Border HQ, discussing the upcoming rank battle against Tamakoma-2 and Arafune Squad. He is the only one who watched the battle, and shows off a recording. It is then revealed that he fought against Midorikawa winning 4 points against him. He was then told to hold back Kuga Yūma for 2 seconds and both he and Yūma would be blown away.[8]

In the chosen map City C, he carelessly rushed ahead and nearly gets his head shot off. While Tamakoma-2 launches their attack, he used the distraction to catch up and was delegated to deal with Hokari.[9] He's taunted, but remains calm, and manages to earn one point by taking out Hokari. He then managed to capture Yūma while sustaining heavy injuries and shouted for Suwa to blow them both away.

Chika choose that moment to counterattack with Iblis, blowing away their footing. Yūma took advantage of this to finish off Sasamori.[10]