House Ellin (エリン家 Erin-ke?) is a minor house from Aftokrator, under House Veltiston.
House Ellin (manga)

House Ellin

Background Edit

As with other houses, House Ellin is known for finding poorer children with high Trion capability and raising them as their own. However, Ellin has been known to be particularly kind as they often treat the children like family. One of these children was Hyuse.[1] House Ellin's head was to be offered as god should a suitable candidate not be obtained. As this was Hyuse's lord, Hairein abandoned him in Miden so that he would not attack Aftokrator if his master was chosen.

Plot Edit

B-Class Rank Battles Arc Edit

Enedra reveals the truth concerning Hairein abandoning Hyuse: the House Ellin head was to be offered as god and Hairein did not want Hyuse to go on a rampage since he was close to the head.

Trivia Edit

  • Ellin (ελλην ellin) means "Greek" in Greek.


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