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I hadn't planned on going out... but I'll capture the Golden Chick myself.

Hyrein in Large-Scale Invasion 16.[1], Source

Hyrein (ハイレイン, Hairein?) is Neighbor from Aftokrator, and the head of House Veltiston. He is the user of the Black Trigger Alektor and the captain of the Expedition Force from Aftokrator.


Hairein anime (2).png

Hyrein is a tall neighbor with long, messy blue hair and neat blue eyes. Like all other Aftokrator Neighbors, he has two horns on his head. In the anime, he is portrayed with light blue-gray hair.

According to The Author's comment, his image of design is a dragon.[3]


Hyrein has a careful and calculating personality and is also shown to be a good strategist. He seems to be intent on fulfilling his group's goal. Despite this, he is a pacifist and fears Mira due to her sadistic personality. He appears to have a sense of ethics as he chose tactics which divided enemy forces and concentrated on capturing C-rank agents only.[3]


  • (About Chika) "I hadn't planned on going out... but I'll capture the Golden Chick myself."


  • Hyrein is the Greek verb for "to take", and the origin for the English word "heresy".
  • According to volume 9, Hyrein likes:
    • Capable pawns
    • Diversionary and dividing tactics
    • His family
    • A peaceful life
  • Izumi's nickname to Hyrein, Exciting Animal Bastard (わくわく動物野郎, Waku Waku Dōbutsu Yarō?), comes from the TV program Exciting Animal Land (Waku Waku Dōbutsu Rando?). As the name implies, it's a show about animals, which explains why the nickname was adapted to "Mr. Discovery Channel" in Viz's translation.
  • He was ranked 42nd in the first Popularity Poll, and 61st in the second. Additionally, the nickname given to him by Izumi was one of the "characters" ranked 130th.
  • Either he or Lamvanein are stated to marry Mira.[4]


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