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Jin, remember that bet we made? I'm using that privilege now. No matter how you may do it, get me back to Aftokrator.

–Hyuse to Yūichi Jin

This page is about the character. For other intentions, see Hyuse (disambiguation).

Hyuse (ヒュース Hyūsu?) is a character in the manga and anime series World Trigger. He is a Neighbor from Aftokrator who after being caught in a battle with Jin ends up stranded/abandoned on Earth. After realizing his abandonment, he agrees to join Border, only as a means to make his way back home. After joining, he immediately rose to B-rank, and is now a member of Tamakoma Second while posing as Cronin's nephew under an alias; Hyuse Cronin (ヒュース・クローニン Hyūsu Kurōnin?)[7][8].


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Hyuse is a neighbor with short, messy, light brown hair, pale skin and blue/green eyes. Like all other Aftokrator neighbors, he has two horns on his head, his being like that of a goat's.

In trigger mode, he wears a grey uniform akin to a gakuran. It has black stripes in the edges of the fastener, which appears to work like velcro, and black spike-like stripes running down from the shoulders, stopping before the edge. Over it, he wears a black cloak (which appears to be a trigger) with a red stripe on the left side, intersected with 5 circles which could possibly represent his rank. He also wears black shoes with white vertical stripe grey soles with short heels.

Ever since being left behind by his comrades, he starts wearing earthly clothes. He wears a black hoodie with brown edges and a grey symbol in his left chest similar to a devil's head, always covering his head. He wears it over a grey shirt with a black collar. He also wears ochre pants & black shoes with white/grey gloves. When appearing as a Border agent, he hides his horns by altering his appearance using a trion body.

As Border's C-rank, he wears a uniform similar to Yūma's. Later as a B-rank, he wears Tamakoma Second's uniform but with designs akin to a military uniform, which consists of shoulder straps, double stripes on the lower sleeves and aiguillette on his right shoulder. He has Tamakoma's emblem on his left chest under his unit's emblem.


Hyuse appears to be a calm and collected individual, rarely getting carried away. He also holds great respect for his superiors, like Hairein and his teacher, Viza. However, he becomes extremely angry when taunted about his fellow countrymen or superiors, such as getting annoyed with Enedra for calling Hairein a coward,[9] and when he assumed Jin was just taunting him when the latter told him Enedra has been killed by his allies.[10] He also cares deeply for House Ellin's head, which causes an inner conflict when presented with the possibility that Hairein will sacrifice him.[11]

He has shown a rather competitive side in the trainee exams where he offered a re-do in order to beat Kuga's record.[12]


Tamakoma Second[]

Osamu Mikumo: Hyuse collaborates with Osamu as they share a goal to reach Aftokrator however, he does not count Osamu as a friend before Round 7[13] However this might of changed as at the end of the Round 8 Night Match, he was fist bumping him and Yūma. He seems to respect his methods for the most part as he mostly follows through with Osamu's plans, only disobeying him near the end of Round 7[13][14] as well as changing the plan so he would use "Asteroid"[15].

Yūma Kuga: Hyuse seems to count Yūma as a good sparring partner as he was competitive about his score[16]. The Duo has also shown to have good synergy being able to take down Murakami[17], Kitazoe[18], and almost took down Kageura[19][20] during Round 7.

Chika Amatori: He has shown to care about her as he was the trigger[21] to get Chika to start shooting people[22][23] as well as fist bumping her at the end of Round 8 Night Match[24]

Tamakoma Branch[]

Yūichi Jin: Despite not liking or even trusting Jin,[25][26] he seems to hold some level of respect for him, as he visibly smiles when Karasuma tells Kirie what Jin said about him, and is surprised when he says he made that up.[25]

Yōtarō Rindō: At first, Hyuse seemed to find Yōtarō annoying. However, when he was about to leave Tamakoma, he thanked Yōtarō, referring to him as "senpai/master".[27]

Kirie Konami: Hyuse dislikes Kirie, a feeling which is reciprocated.[28]

Takumi Rindō: Hyuse seems annoyed by Mr. Rindō's friendliness,[29] and mistrustful of him.[29]


Hairein: Hyuse holds a lot of respect for Hairein[9] and is troubled to believe that Hairein abandoned him and is considering to use his beloved house lord as Aftokrator's god.[11]

Enedra: They have a strained relationship, often getting into fights.[9] However, it was implied he did care as he reacted negatively and in disbelief to the news of his death.[10]

Viza: Hyuse holds great respect towards Viza which in some way is similar to that of Hairein. He is also the one who taught Hyuse swordsmanship when he was 8 years old until he obtained Lampyris at the age of 14.[30]

Hyuse's Master: Hyuse is close to house Ellin's head. [31] He is conflicted about the fact Hairein might sacrifice his master as the new god.[11]


  • (To Enedra) "Watch your mouth, Enedra. You're being rude to a superior officer." [9]
  • (On Tamakoma Second's battle) "What is there to say about a primitive battle such as this? The weak will lose, and that's all there is to it." [32]
  • (To Yūichi Jin) "Jin, remember that bet we made? I'm using that privilege now. No matter how you may do it, get me back to Aftokrator." [33]
  • (To Tamakoma) "This isn't about gains or losses. This is about whether I've dishonored myself or not when I face my lord." [34]
  • (To his captain) "Use Meteor. Drop a big one right on my location. If I'm lucky, I'll survive it. Even if I don't, it will bring down the enemies around me all at once. As long as we get four points... My death is entirely irrelevant."[35]


  • According to volume 8, Hyuse likes:
    • Carrying out missions
    • Being loyal
    • Drawing pictures
    • Dogs
  • He is the only neighbor in Aftokrator not to be seen in his regular Aftokrator clothes, due to not being defeated like the others.
  • He appears to have taken a liking to taiyaki, as he is constantly seen eating it after being left on Earth.
  • He also holds chopsticks with a weird grip, placing one between his index and middle fingers and the other between his ring and pinky fingers, instead of placing both between his index and thumb.[36]
  • Due to the way his horns are placed, he is unable to sleep on his back or side and can only sleep on his stomach.[37]


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