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Hyuse (ヒュース Hyūsu ?) is Chapter 135 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Reghindetz orders Hyuse to take Yōtarō hostage in order to prove his loyalty. However, Hyuse seemingly stabs Yōtarō, and Reghindetz, in anger, reveals that Galopoula received orders to not take him back. But, the entire thing is revealed to be a ruse, which prompts Reghindetz to fight Hyuse where he is easily defeated.

Long Summary[]

A young Reghindetz is sitting in the midst of a battlefield; his left arm (of his Trion body) being dismembered. He is approached by Hyrein and his team. Hyrein orders Viza to secure the Mother Trigger. Lamvanein asks Hyrein what they should do with Reghindetz. Hyrein tells him to let Reghindetz be, as he has lost his will to fight.
Flashback End

Reghindetz demands that Hyuse take Yōtarō hostage, and states that his reason is to prove Hyuse's loyalty. The real purpose; however, lied in that Gatlin and Ratarykov both believed Aftokrator's true purpose was to direct Border's attention towards Galopoula. By having Hyuse kidnap Yōtarō, he would besmirch Aftokrator and redirect Border's anger. Hyuse brings out his Scorpion, much to everyone's surprise which includes Jin who was watching from a distance. He then motions toward Yōtarō, which causes Jin to activate Fūjin; a moment later, Hyuse appears to stab the boy, though, in reality, he simply had the Scorpion bend around Yōtarō's body. Reghindetz is horrified by the act, and Hyuse asks if that proved his loyalty. Reghindetz lambastes the cruel measures taken by Hyuse, and reveals to Hyuse that Aftokrator told them to disregard the prisoner, or even kill him if necessary. In essence, they abandoned Hyuse. Yōtarō asks if that means Hyuse can't return. He gets up unscathed. Reghindetz is enraged at the trick, and activates his Trigger. In response, Hyuse activates Lampyris. He uses the magnetic shards to bring Reghindetz down, thanking him for the information. Reghindetz can only be awed at the sheer power of Aftokrator's Trigger. He is decapitated by Hyuse, and he retreats. Jin shows up, and Hyuse reminds him of the bet they made concerning Tamakoma Second's success in their Rank war against the top B-Rank teams. He declares his favor: get him back to Aftokrator no matter what. Jin agrees to it and tells him that there is a team who could help Hyuse reach that objective.

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