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This page is about the volume. For other intentions, see Hyuse (disambiguation).

Hyuse (ヒュース Hyūsu ?) is volume 18 of the World Trigger Manga.


Osamu successfully convinces Border HQ to allow Hyuse to join their squad, and now the moody Neighbor from Aftokrator must make his way up through the C-Rank Wars to officially become part of the team. Meanwhile, Tamakoma-2 gears up for another B-Rank Wars match against the analytical Oji Squad and the unconventional Ikoma Squad. How will Tamakoma-2 handle a squad that operates almost exactly like they do and another squad that doesn’t even seem to care that there’s a match going on?!

Cover Characters[]

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Author's Note[]

"My apologies to anyone who is worried about me. I'm still alive. I've also managed to lose 8 kg! Yay! Here's World Trigger volume 18."

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