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This page is about the Chapter. For other intentions, see Hyuse (disambiguation).

Hyuse 2 (ヒュース ② Hyūsu 2 ?) is Chapter 147 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

As he joins Jin and the others in celebrating Tamakoma Second's victory, Hyuse discusses about his intent of joining Tamakoma Second as a member.

Long Summary[]

The members of Tamakoma Branch celebrate Tamakoma Second's overwhelming victory in the Rank Battle. Hyuse announces that he will agree to join Tamakoma Second if they take him to Aftokrator. Konami reminds them that shortly ago, Hyuse was their enemy and tried to capture Chika. Hyuse assures them that he has no intention of taking Chika. Hyuse points out that Tamakoma Second's key flaw is their overdependence on Yūma, so Hyuse will become theirs second ace. Osamu asks how Hyuse will hide his horns, as well as the fact that some would recognize Hyuse, to which Usami replies that Hyuse's trion body can be rendered without horns, and the C-Rank trainees that did see Hyuse saw him from far enough that they could not make out his face. Yūma asks how Hyuse's Neighbor identity will be hidden, and Jin explains that they can easily fake it, citing Tamakoma Branch's Neighbor engineer: Mikhael Cronin. Hyuse continues to refuse to leak information about Aftokrator, maintaing that this mission is about loyalty to his master. Regardless, Osamu decides to try, and goes to Border's upper echelons the next day.


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