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Hyuse 3 (ヒュース ③ Hyūsu 3 ?) is Chapter 159 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Hyuse's debut shocks everyone he meets by rising to B-Rank on the same day as his enlistment.

Long Summary[]

Hyuse defeats a Bamster simulation in 1.5 seconds, coming close to Yūma's record. Arashiyama introduces a special combat test for the batch of enlistees, which involves fighting amongst participants in groups of 5 as they enlisted at an abnormal time so there wasn't enough time to do the normal testing. While the enlistees initially view Hyuse as a way to advance, he easily overwhelms them. He brings his total points to 3000, though he needs 4000 to get to B-Rank. Hyuse chooses to fight Kōda Squad since they have the most points. Kōda Squad underestimates Hyuse's ability, and as a result, Hyuse easily wins. With this, Hyuse has over 4000 points, which means that he is now in B-Rank. His rapid ascension to B-Rank attracts the attention of Sasamori, Miura, Tomoe, and Koarai. Miura, Tomoe, and Koarai, lose all their solo matches with him, while Sasamori manages to earn one point. Koarai calls Tsuji over to battle Hyuse. Tsuji proves to be much more difficult than Hyuse's other opponents, but Hyuse wins 5-2. Koarai notices Ikoma in the lounge and summons him to fight Hyuse.

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