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This page is about the Chapter. For other intentions, see Hyuse (disambiguation).

Hyuse 4 (ヒュース ➃ Hyūsu 4 ?) is Chapter 160 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

After concluding mock Wars against Ikoma and Tachikawa, Hyuse returns to Tamakoma Branch's base to officially joins Tamakoma Second as the fourth combatant.

Long Summary[]

Hyuse's victory against Tsuji motivates Ikoma to challenge Hyuse. They commence a Rank War, where usage of Senkū is prohibited. The fight becomes 4-4, and Ikoma recognizes the skill Hyuse possesses. Hyuse, on the other hand, is disappointed in himself because the sword-fighting skills imparted to him by Viza were lost since acquiring Lampyris. Ikoma uses Senkū to cut down Hyuse, inadvertently giving the point to Hyuse.

Tachikawa shows up, interested by the Rank Wars. He ends up defeating Hyuse 5-1. Hyuse silently remarks that a swordsman as powerful as Tachikawa is rare even in Aftokrator. He is invited by several B-Rank agents to join their squads, but he refuses since he is obliged to join Tamakoma Second. He returns to Tamakoma Branch, where he discusses his Fights with the top Attackers of Border.

Usami gives Hyuse his uniform, making him an official part of Tamakoma Second. Hyuse makes it clear that he is merely co-operating with Osamu rather than working under him, therefore he will take action as he deems necessary, whether it is part of orders or not. Konami advises everyone to show up the following day because Mikhael Cronin and Yuri Rindō would be returning from scouting.

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