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Hyuse 5 (ヒュース ➄ Hyūsu 5 ?) is Chapter 171 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Yūma and Hyuse were about to finish off Kageura but Kitazoe steps in, saving him. However the duo box him in Escudos and he dies but Kitazoe uses meteor which lets Kageura escape to a lower floor but he bails out from trion loss and due to that, Suzunari gets the point.

The Suzunari duo of, Kuruma and Murakami comes out and they do a firefight with Hyuse pretending his Viper is Asteroid and Osamu questions this tactic but in the end he lets him do it. meanwhile on the lower floors, Ema, Okudera and Koarai get ready to attack the Tamakoma and Suzunari duos while Hyuse and Yūma charges at the Suzunari duo with a third round of Escudo popping up at the same time.

Long Summary[]

Hyuse and Yūma double team Kageura while he is on the verge of Bail Out but Kitazoe breaks through escudo by kicking it then does a scattershot at the Tamakoma duo but they both block it.

Osamu catches up and thinks about how Kitazoe caught up to Kageura. Hyuse then traps Kitazoe inside a escudo barrier afterwards Yūma jumps inside of it, Kitazoe does after scattershot and summons his grenade launcher but Yūma dodges the scattershot with grasshopper then kills Kitazoe but he uses meteor as his final act in hopes of killing Yūma but he uses a full guard and escapes unscathed.

Hyuse then sends a "Asteroid" towards Kageura but he rolls away and escapes to a lower floor before bailing out from trion loss but the point goes to Murakami as his slash did the most damage but Inukai comments on how he has never seen Kageura run like that before and questions on if he wanted to prevent Tamakoma from scoring that badly and Arashiyama comments that Kitazoe's meteor was made to let Kageura escape.

Hyuse comments on how the situation was similar to Round 3 Nasu Bail Out where another combatant did the most damage but Yūma tells him to not mind it. Yuitsuka says the same thing and how they easily outmaneuvered the Kageura duo and will now take the fight to Suzunari.

Kuruma wants Murakami to stay close as they could be separated by Escudo. Murakami comments on how he saw Hyuse's delayed "Asteroid" which would make Hyuse an All-Rounder when it comes to fighting but isn't his actual position; so it would be better to keep their distance and have Murakami tank the "Asteroids".

Kuruma and Murakami keep using their new formation which was able to hold back Kageura earlier and does the same with Tamakoma. Hyuse summons Viper again and Osamu thinks that he will use Viper's Bending properties to take out Murakami but continues to act like he is using Asteroid. Yuitsuka comments on how Hyuse is skilled with Shooter Triggers so he might be evenly matched with Kuruma.

Osamu questions Hyuse on his decision and asks why Viper aren't curving to which Hyuse says he changed the plan to his own plan and Osamu trusts Hyuse's unknown plan and asks Hyuse what to do next to which he says to take Kuruma from behind while he and Yūma take on Murakami.

Ema while using Radar thinks to himself on he could shoot someone on the upper levels if they sit still long enough as well as hoping to kill one of Tamakoma's combatants but he might not have the luxury. Koarai and Okudera know Ema's approximate location and get ready to jump him.

Hyuse summons a 3rd round of escudo in attempt to get close the gap but Kuruma warns Murakami that they are coming and he replies that he is ready to counter them.

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