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Hyuse 6 (ヒュース ➅ Hyūsu 6 ?) is Chapter 172 of the World Trigger Manga.


Yūma and Hyuse confront Kuruma and Murakami head-on while Osamu attempts to flank them from behind. As Ema and Azuma Squad sweep in to assist, the brawl escalates into a full-blown free-for-all. When the dust settles, only two squads remain.

Long Summary[]

The onslaught from Suzunari First ensues. Murakami's Senkū coupled with Kuruma's support prove to be a formidable force; in no time, Hyuse's defenses are chipping away. Without an offensive outlet, their stability (and their ranking) will only last so long against Murakami's iron wall. If Tamakoma is to gain the upper hand, they must play the "strength-in-numbers" game once more.

Osamu may be their only hope. But timing will be crucial.

It looks as though Tamakoma is only losing ground — until Hyuse feints Escudo, with Yūma sending his teammate flying toward the startled combatants on a Grasshopper, rapidly closing distance. As the two Kogetsu users clash, Hyuse manifests an Escudo from his opponent's back, causing Kuruma to fly backwards. It is at this moment Osamu shows himself, a flurry of bullets catching Kuruma off-guard. He rushes in for the kill, but Murakami is quicker — flinging Thruster straight into Osamu's now-shattered Raygust.

Murakami activates Senkū.

The #4 Attacker has other urgent matters, though. While he stares down Hyuse, Yūma pounces from behind. What will the course of action be...?

"Kogetsu... Senkū."

In one fell swoop, Murakami tosses the sword behind him, activates the technique, catches the handle, and swiftly brings it up above his head, slicing Yūma's arm off in the process. As the blade draws nearer toward its final destination, Yūma, still in the air, kicks off the mounted Escudo. Murakami stumbles forward, Senkū's path barely missing Hyuse's head. The latter wastes no time in finishing him off.

Azuma makes his move.

But the chaos doesn't stop there! Ema fires his Ibis, obliterating the last member from Suzunari First. Osamu takes a near fatal blow shortly after. Soon enough, Azuma Squad's Attacker duo begin closing in on the perpetrator, who makes a beeline for the atrium. Narrowly escaping their slashes, he smashes through the guardrail, but falls victim to Azuma waiting below.

Azuma Squad is virtually unscathed, while Tamakoma Second must confront their battered teammate. Only two squads are left.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in italics are seen only briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Triggers in Order of Appearance[]

Magazine-Tankōbon Differences[]

  • In the magazine version of the chapter, Osamu shoots Asteroid with his Bagworm and Raygust still on. In the tankōbon version, the Bagworm dematerializes as he shoots and is completely gone by the time Osamu rushes in with his Raygust. These alterations are to adhere better to the "two triggers at a time" rule.


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