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This page is about the Chapter. For other intentions, see Hyuse (disambiguation).

Hyuse 9 (ヒュース ⑨ Hyūsu 9 ?) is Chapter 188 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Chika's attempt of using Meteor with Yūma by herside backfires as Tonooka snipes it but she uses Full Guard to save herself and Yūma, Hyuse meanwhile continues getting battered by the temporary alliance formed by the other Squads with the peanut gallery commenting on it.

Long Summary[]

Osamu finds Yūma and Chika unscathed by the explosion because Chika conjured a Shield in time. Chika informs Osamu that the Meteor exploded because it was shot from behind by Tonooka. Osamu prioritizes reaching Hyuse. Should Tonooka shoot again, Yūma alone would proceed to Hyuse.

Ōji notes that Hyuse is in a difficult position, having to watch out for strikes from all sides. Because he is constantly defending, he is unable to launch any powerful attacks. Konami hypothesizes that Hyuse could exploit the fact that his assailants will have to face each other should he go down as a psychological ploy. Ōji dismisses it, claiming that his opponents are unlikely to fall for such a trick. As Hyuse gets barraged by his opponents, Konami inadvertently reveals that he has a secret weapon, which Karasuma believes to be Viper. Hyuse tries to launch Ikoma into the air, to make an escape, but Ikoma manages to use Senkū to chop off his leg. Ōji speculates that Hyuse was trying to launch himself towards Ninomiya. As Hyuse's assailants get ready for a final barrage, Hyuse's trion runs low.

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