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The heavyweight Ibis was developed for larger Neighbors. Powerful, but with low muzzle velocity that makes it hard to connect with.

Ken Satori about Ibis, in Chika Amatori 3.[1]

Ibis (アイビス Aibisu?) is a Sniper Trigger.


Ibis is a dark-colored rifle with a long barrel and a pistol grip. Its scope is similar to Egret's. In general, it sports a bipod in front of the magazine.


Since Haruaki Azuma was Border's first Sniper,[2] this Trigger could not have existed until four years prior to Yūma's enlistment.[3] It was developed to fight larger Trion Soldiers.[1]


Created to fight colossal Trion Soldiers, Ibis possesses the highest power of any Sniper Trigger with good range, average bullet speed and low rate of fire.[4] Due to it having been designed to combat larger targets, it is rarely used against humans, including in Rank Wars.[4] In capable hands, however, Ibis becomes a spectacular weapon. Its remarkable firepower enables the user to punch through multiple walls[5] and opponents[6] as well as to pierce focused Shields[7] and a Full Guard made out of two unfocused Shields,[8] unless the target has abnormally high trion levels.[9] In normal conditions, however, it is unable to damage the combination of a focused Shield and a fixed one, even as the latter is already damaged,[10] or the armor on a Rabbit's arms.[11]

When wielded by someone with a very high trion capacity, the power of the bullets is increased.[12] Chika Amatori's shots are so devastating they can alter the topography of the battlefield,[13] punch through the trion walls of Border's HQ,[14] and destroy multiple trion bodies with the same bullet, if they are sufficiently close to each other.[15] Depending on the trion amount of the user, Ibis can allow for an output on par with that of a Black Trigger.[16]

According to Reiji Kizaki, Border Sniper Triggers are very well made, so if the wielder has good aim, they will not miss.[17] However, the low muzzle velocity of this Trigger makes it relatively easy to dodge.[1] The user must be capable of anticipating the target's movements to be effective.[18] Regardless of the user's skills, its maximum range is lower than 1 kilometer.[19] Furthermore, Ibis is known to be the heaviest and most cumbersome Sniper Trigger, which makes it very hard to shoot while moving, so it is usually rested on the ground through its bipod.[20] Should an user wish to carry it, however, the bipod can be removed[21] and then reformed when the rifle is selected again.[22]


See also: Ibis Users

With 8 users among official agents, Ibis is the least popular sniper trigger.[23] Members of branches who do not participate in rank wars are excluded from the count.[24] Notable users are Haruaki Azuma,[25] Chika Amatori[26] and, although she is still a trainee, Izuho Natsume.[27] Ibis was also previously used by Mirai Hatohara[28] and Akane Hiura.


  • An ibis is a bird in the family Threskiornithidae.
  • Its design seems to be based on the Barrett M82/M107.



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