Ichinose (一之瀬(いちのせ)?) is a character in the anime and manga series World Trigger. She is one of Osamu and Yūma's classmates.


Ichinose is a young girl of average height. She has dark brown hair styled in two pigtails behind her head. She also has brown eyes, which have two visible eyelashes each (only one in the anime).

She is usually seen wearing her school's uniform, a dark blue blazer and dark blue necktie with white stripes over a white polo and a gray-blue skirt.


She is a friendly girl who seems too like her classmates a lot, and also seems to me rather smart. She seems to be good friends with Futatsugi.


  • "Ichinose" (一之瀬?) means "one shoal".
  • Her Japanese voice actress, Eri Nakao, also voices Shiori Usami, while her English voice actress, Michelle Molineux, also voices Haruka Ayatsuji.



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