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A high-speed cut...!

Yomi about Idaten, in Galopoula 8.[1]

Idaten (()()(てん) lit. Skanda?) is a prototype Optional Trigger.[3]


When in use, Idaten leaves a luminous trail after the user moves.[2] Its activation is signaled by the body of the user starting to flicker.[4]


Since Idaten is a prototype approved by HQ,[5] it may have been developed only recently, likely at Kako Squad's request.[6]


B-rank Rank Battles Arc[]

Futaba Kuroe used this Trigger to defeat multiple Idras.[2] It was initially successful against Yomi, but the latter soon identified its mechanics and wounded Futaba.


Idaten propels the user at tremendous speed along a predetermined trajectory.[4] This Trigger is particularly effective when used in conjunction with Attacker Triggers, as it allows the user to blitz through their enemies and cut them before they have a chance to react.[2] Aside from targeting multiple opponents, the patterns can be set in order to strike the same one multiple times from different angles.[1] They also allow for a high degree of accuracy, enabling the user to strike the enemy's vitals.[7] Furthermore, users who have taken too much damage to walk can still use Idaten to move.[8]

Kuroe making short work of four Idras.

The movement is so fast it cannot be processed by the brain, not even while inside a Trion Body.[4] However, this extreme speed can tip off an analytical opponent, allowing them to understand the mechanics of this Trigger and come up with adequate countermeasures.[9] In fact, the user is unable to move freely after setting the pattern,[4] which makes them extremely vulnerable to damage if blades are placed in their path.[10] Furthermore, the flickering of the user's trion body when this Trigger is activated can alert the opponent of the fact the user is attempting to utilize it.[4]


The only user of this Trigger is Futaba Kuroe.[3]


  • Skanda, known as Idaten (韋駄天?) in Japanese, is the Mahayana bodhisattva that is the devoted protector of Buddhist monasteries. He is said to have chased down speedy demons to recover sacred relics.
    • In Japanese, making a "Skanda dash" (韋駄天走(いだてんばし), idaten bashiri?) means running at great speed, mirroring the Trigger's effect.



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