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Invasion (襲来 Shūrai?) is episode 74 of the World Trigger anime.

Short Summary[]

Galopoula's invasion finally starts.

Long Summary[]

Reghi and Rata of Galopoula talk to each other about the invasion with Rata saying that Rhodokhroun doesn't have enough men to send out so they are sending out Dogs to which Reghi claiming that the nation is taking the easy way out but Rata counters with how they are also sending Idras on top of that the entire team were given new triggers, Reghi doesn't comment about the Idras however he shows his disgust for the new triggers.

the duo then climb down to see the rest of their teammates, Gatlin then does one last review of the plan: Afto orders the Galo away squad to stall meeden so they have to do enough damage to make it so border can't go to Afto but the away squad get to decided the method, so Gatlin chose to attack the border base.

  • Reghi comments on the amount of people they have saying that it is too little and that attacking the city would be a better idea.
  • Rata asks if that means they are not going after their trigger users.
    • Gatlin confirms that it will only be an attack on the base and not their people.
  • Wen Sō then asks if that means they are not capturing "baby birds"
    • Gatlin says yes to this question.
  • Koskero then asks gatlin the simple question of why as it would stall them since they would be weaker
    • Reghi backs him up saying afto captured 20-30 of them and that the mission wouldn't be worth it without loot.
      • Gatlin says that if they target citizens, they would switch their goal from afto to galo even then galo is closer to meeden then they are to afto
  • Koskero asks if Afto's true goal was to get meeden to attack galo.
    • Gatlin answers by saying: most likely.
  • Reghi then shows his disgust for Afto
  • Gatlin says meeden fought Afto's best including 4 black trigger users and even if it was their home turf the fact that they were able to drive them away was still nothing to scoff so Galo doesn't need heat from them just because afto wants them to.
  • Reghi proudly says that it doesn't matter if meeden attacks them.
  • Koskero steps in saying to think about the future as their improvement rate is insanely high so it might not take that long for them to caught up to galo, Wen So backs Koskero up by adding that they have too many enemies for their small country anyways.
  • Rata then asks, we want to stall them but not anger them so we are destorying their base.
  • Gatlin says yes, and that they will focus on their "military installation" and to stop their force.

Gatlin now goes into specifics, after yomi activates a hologram and thanks to afto they talk about what he knows: there are 40-50 confirmed activate soldier with a total estimated to be 2-3 times that amount + multiple "baby birds" however they shouldn't be threats and lastly they have 1 or 3 black triggers to which Reghi complains about how there is a major difference between 1 or 3 however Wen tells him to complain to afto if he has any issues.

Yomi now starts talking about their troops: they have 6 members on board with 13 Marmods and 10 Banders so koskero comments that without Rhodokhroun it will be tough, Reghi backs him by asking why Rhodo is skipping out on them to which gatlin tells reghi they are not. Yomi updates the hologram to show a long list and gatlin says they sent 200 dogs and 95 idras so they can't complain, Koskero is amazed at the number while wen so comments that they are small but to send so many was impressive and Rata finishes it off by saying with how many pawns they have it is possible to make it work.

Gatlin then confirms one last time, they will investage meeden to confirm the data they have then after Rhodo's trion soldiers arrive they will attack.

Hyuse is in his room with a 3D map of the neighbor that shows Galo and Rhodo are close to meeden and asks if it was Afto's doing and has an idea before getting interrupted by Yotaro walking in with Raijinmaru, yotaro then asks hyuse what he is doing with the lights off to which Hyuse says he was just thinking. Yotaro then tells hyuse that he will eventually get home.

Meanwhile Katori Squad is fighting 3 Marmods and a Bander sent by Galo: with Miura blocking one of the Marmod's attacks then slashing the eye in one go, Wakamura shoots another one of them in the eye killing it while Katori jumps off the roof and shoots at the last Marmod but fails to kill it but kills the Bander with one Scorpion slash and finishes the last Marmod off with another slash to the eye.

Katori then starts complaining that they have to do defense duty before a Rank War, Miura agrees with this but Wakamura counters by saying it happens to every squad and that before Katori should start complaining she should actually watch the logs.

Katori mentioned how their opponents for the up-coming round are kakizaki squad and "Tamakoma's middle schoolers" and between the two, kakizaki they haven't had much trouble while Tamakoma dropped immediately after hitting the top group so they shouldn't have much trouble. Wakamura tells them that it has been a while since they have fought kakizaki squad and with Tamakoma, Kako tried to recuit their ace. Katori tries to fight back by asking Wakamura if he is nagging her because she wasn't recruited which Wakamura tells her to just stop slacking off with Miura trying to stop the duo from fighting. Hana says that the trio are on duty so they are be taking it seriously, Wakamura then blames katori for the scolding while Miura is once again trying to stop the infighting while walking away.

From the corpse of the Bander, Dog number 9 comes out and the away team starts their reconnaissance. koskero comments that meeden's soldiers are skilled however wen says if that is all they have then they won't stand a choice, Koskero backs her up by saying they were probably average as yesterday's Spear guy was better. reghi tells yomi to keep it still as it is making him dizzy.

Yomi then comments that he has disabled the monitoring trigger however there are cameras, gatlin responds with how it will be difficult to sneak in. Koskero comments on how they are being cautious and Reghi asks if Afto leaked any info.

after tracking the trion inside the border base they found their target in the basement, Rata then says they could force their way in thanks in part of their new triggers to which wen agrees. Gatlin then asks yomi if the trion soldiers are ready which yomi replies with a yes and gatlin is happy about that, He then says after they change shifts at sunset they will go and attack border's away ship.

border's base at night comes in view and two things are happening, Amo and Shinoda are watching a screen that is presumably a radar or is connected to a camera while Jin, Tachikawa, and Konami are playing an unknown card game, Tachikawa is mocking Konami for not picking but Jin's Foresight side effect activates after he suddenly zones out realizing that Galo is ready to attack, Konami notices Jin's zone out and asks what's wrong. Jin tells the card game duo that the enemy is coming to attack to which Tachikawa was happy about. Jin then tells shinoda the same news and to do pattern A, Shinoda acknowledges this and tells jin he will follow through for his part of the plan, Tachikawa gets up and stretches saying that pattern A is HQ defense then leaves. Jin tells Konami to stick with Tachikawa, Konami asks him why, Jin replies with how he saw a future where Tachikawa gets split in half which shocks konami, Jin contiues on by saying the enemy is tougher than they expected.

Galo now opening a giant gate in the forbidden zone sends out a horde of idras, Sawamura says the gate is on the radar with a distance of 400 northeast with multiple readings and claims it must be the invasion so Fuyushima teleports the snipers up to the roof in order to counter the trion soldiers. Sawamura then continues on by saying there are 30 minutes until the current round starts with these squads competing, Azuma Squad, Kageura Squad, and Yuba Squad for top while Tamakoma Second, Katori Squad and Kakizaki Squad are fighting in the middle group and if they continue the matches they can't join the fight, Shinoda says that is fine as Jin's prediction is that it is unlikely that galo will attack the agents however if they do attack the agents then they will stop the matches and the 6 squads will join the blitz with azuma taking charge. He also tells sawamura to inform mall security (Which seems to be Kazama squad) and the two commentators for the middle match and incase of a faint send one squad west and one squad east and everyone else goes northeast.

Hyuse with his radar seems the signatures and can tell that they are Idras and that they must be Rhodo's, which Hyuse comments on how the agent have been busy so it must be a large battle.

(flashback begins), Jin asks yotaro to take care of hyuse, yotaro says how you can leave it to him as he will protect his juniors, konami comments on how if he wastes his energy he will fall asleep to which yotaro yells back saying he won't (flashback ends) yotaro is now asleep ontop of raijinmaru.

Hyuse leaves to go into another room with what seems to be an electronic lock picking trigger which he used to open multiple of tamakoma's lockers that contains multple triggers. Hyuse comments on how Lampyris isn't there and asks himself if the spot was too obvious but thinks about how jin might have it so he should of claimed it after the bet. Hyuse brushes it off as there is a spare lampyris back at afto so he picked up one of the many triggers and turns it on as he needs to focus on meeting with the vassal country.

He leaves the tamakoma base and looks back with Yotaro sleeping inside and tells him "thank you for everything, senpai" and leaves.

Reiji now on the roof says their snipers are in position with Toma saying the same thing with all of them having Egret and Bagworm. the Idras now in view march towards the border base with the snipers commenting about it questioning their humanoid shape and how they are small targets afterwards they start running. Reiji tells the snipers to start the interception so they all start firing but the Idras combine their shields to block all the shots. Toma and Narasaka comment on this with Taichi now freaking out so Kodera while switching to ibis comments on how they should focus their fire so Satori pulls out another Egret and says to start with the left so Toma says they will fire on the right.

Arashiyama, Kitora and Karasuma on the ground get closer to the Idras with Arashiyama telling them to attack them from the side so they can support the snipers. Suwa tells his group to keep their distance as it is a large army which they replied with a roger.

Reghi from afar looking at his detailed radar is talking about how they are losing Idras and how they was waiting for galo. Koskero says that the meeden squads are gathering so he asks gatlin what are his orders; Gatlin tells him to keep going and to stop them for only a minute which koskero understood.

Koskero throws a token to summon a mortar which launcher many gate tokens near the snipers which summoned a horde of Dogs. The dogs start firing, one almost hits Akane but Narasaka deactivates bagworm and uses shield to protect her, Satori with dual egrets has to dodge them but he fires back while Hokari has a shield in one hand with a egret in another.

Arafune takes out his Kogetsu and slices the dogs up while Reiji uses his brass knuckles raygust to punch the dogs to death. Taichi comments on how they are the "top 2 combat snipers" while Toma tells them to good job, Arafune asks if they bite as he hates dogs with Reiji telling the Squads below to withdraw as they won't have a chance without snipers. the arashiyama group understood while they are underfire while Suwa is annoyed at the retreat and constant firing at them so he says to withdraw until the others arrive.

3 Idras walk towards the base and Amo picks up on this saying some of the trion soldiers have different colors. the Idra Trio open a tunnel into the base and walk inside which activates the intruder alert with Sawamura saying there are 3, the trio remove their disguise and Sawamura says they are humanoid neighbors with Kinuta saying they hid as trion soldiers.

Yomi says that they are inside so he is updating the building map and that he will navigate them to the target, Gatlin says that everything is according to plan so they will be finished in 10 minutes.

Yotaro after almost falling off of Raijinmaru, wakes up and wonders where Hyuse is at.

Shinoda tells Fuyushima to shlter the C ranks and civilian employees so he puts up wet floor barriers. Gatlin says to take the shortest route and to ignore all enemies but incase they see any, Wen will stop them while himself and Rata will go to the target, while Koskero and Reghi will draw their attention and last but not least, yomi will support everyone. Rata asks gatlin for one more confirmation, if they find any captive from Afto, rescuing them is unnecessary and if they interfere they can dispose them, Reghi is shocked at this but Gatlin confirms that was Afto's order and it was even archived which Rata understood.

Jin starts running towards the Galo group and he finally sees him so he does a sliding stop and activates fujin and then launches 9 slashes at them but they all block the slash with shield (that got heavily cracked) or narrowly avoid them. Rata then uses the tunnel trigger to enter what looks to be a library and runs away. Jin has a huh face and assumes that Afto told the group about Fujin but he saw the group clearly so he saw their goal through his foresight and contacts Shinoda telling him to send a defense team as they are after the away ship.

Shinoda is slighly confused while Kinuta is shocked and annoyed as it takes a huge amount of time, money and trion to rebuild and so it would halt their plan by at least a year. Netsuki is worried as they have a trigger that can tunnel through walls so there is no way to block them, Fuyushima counts by saying if it was that versatile then they would just go directly towards the ship so they must have a limit so it is possible to intercept them and confirms with Kinuta, He also tells Fuyushima to make sure they don't lay a finger on the ship.

Amo comments on the Idras saying that by themselves a Marmod would be tougher and that their color matches those of lower B-rank agents but says it changes when they group up so it might be a hassle. He continues by saying the dogs are weak but large in numbers so they are there as a distraction while the Galo intruders are all above A-rank with Gatlin being around the same level as Shinoda so he is strong.

Fuyushima asks if he should warp the snipers back but Shinoda tells him not to as there might be more intruders if things go south so they need the snipers to keep doing their job or the situation will worsen, so the agents inside will counter the intruders with the worst case scenario is if they get overrun outside so they need to keep pushing and lastly to relay that message to the agents outside. Shinoda then thinks to himself how they don't know the enemy's triggers and that 3 intruders is too little so there must be more directing the battle outside.

the Arashiyama group has their shields up but they are firing back however Yosuke puts in asking what to do with his first idea being to take down trion soldiers. Arashiyama asks him to find out who is manning the mortar so he and miwa go out on a hunt while Midorikawa uses grasshopper to launcher himself and Tsuji up to the roof.

When one of the dogs was about to attack Reiji from behind, Midorikawa sliced its neck and did the same to the 3 dogs that tried to attack him, Akane is pretty happy about it with Midorikawa apologizing for being late. Tsuji follows midorikawa's lead and slices the neck of 2 dogs, Toma comments on that little tsuji is here while harassing taichi with a dog's head.

Reiji punches another dog and tells the snipers to leave the dogs to the attackers and the Reiji/Arafune duo, so the snipers are back in business with suwa being happy about the news and tells the others to push back. Viper shots attack Wen which she blocked them while running and tells the other two about it, Gatlin asks if they can shake them after turning a corner but that doesn't work so Wen stops running and says she'll stop them which gatlin is ok with.

Nasu and Kumagai come out with Nasu saying they have contact with the neighbor but two ran away while Kumagai takes out her kogetsu, wen in response throws 4 gate tokens and says to come at her while calling them little girls which the nasu duo says "begin combat" with nasu summoning her viper belt.

Meanwhile Yosuke and Miwa find Koskero so the two ready to attack but koskero notices them and is annoyed as he knows yosuke is tough then the duo charges.

at another area, hyuse is walking towards the border base.

Characters in order of appearance[]

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Triggers in order of appearance[]

Triggers in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Adapted Chapters[]

Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • As these scenes were already adapted in the previous episode, Osamu's last visits to Arashiyama and Tachikawa Squads' operation rooms before round 5 and Yūma's meeting with Kako, Kakizaki and Kageura are left out of this one.
  • The scene where Hyuse is using his Holographic Projector is different, in the manga it happens immediately after Gatlin says he will go over the mission one last time due to Chapter different, while in the anime it happens after the review in order to keep the flow
  • When they were taking about trion mapping, in the manga they have done it for 3 days while in the anime there was no said timeframe.
  • The anime also adds short scenes of Ikoma Squad and Ōji Squad, whose presence was confirmed beforehand by a Volume 21 Extra.[1]
    • Kōji Oki despite being a sniper was shown right by his squad members with no bagworm or sniper trigger as if he was a shooter


  • Arafune hates dogs as he was bitten in the butt by one as a kid[2]


  1. Daisuke Ashihara: Q: What were Ikoma squad and Oji squad doing when Galopoula showed up? i guess they were off duty? A: In Chapter 124, When Shinoda said, "leave one squad in the west and one in the south," that was those two.
    Source: Question Corner 17, Volume 21
  2. Daisuke Ashihara: Q.079: What is the reason behind Arafune Tetsuji disliking dogs? Because he was bitten by a small dog on his right butt cheek for no reason when he was young. The scar still remains even now.
    Source: Border Briefing File, Page 296, Question 79


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