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Isami Tōma was one of those who returned from a Neighbor world. He complained to Kinuta about the size of the boat and asked for it to be bigger. When Miwa’s Unit explained about Yūma Kuga, he was surprised to hear a Neighbor enlisting in Tamakoma. He agreed to starting the fight for the black trigger that night.[1]

Tōma greeted Jin Yūichi cheerfully, and answered Jin’s question about his commanding officer. Sōya Kazama told him to quiet down. Tōma showed some reluctance to start battling against Jin.[2]

Tōma fell back from the main battle, attempting to seek favorable terrain and complaining when he couldn’t find an acceptable line of fire.[3] Narasaka and Shōhei Kodera set themselves up and began firing. Tōma refused to fire if he knew he was going to miss. He taunted Narasaka about always being number two, and left to join Miwa’s group.[4]

Tōma joined the battle against the Arashiyama Unit by shooting a hole through Tokieda’s head. He attempted to shoot Kitora Ai as well, but Tokieda pulled her down at the last second.[5] Kōhei Izumi wanted to level the abandoned houses to get to Jun Arashiyama and Kitora, to which Tōma reminded him that the homes, while abandoned, were still people’s houses. Tōma kept an eye on Kitora and Arashiyama’s movements. Tōma remarked on how Arashiyama was taking quite the beating. When Arashiyama teleported, Tōma nearly managed to snipe him, but Kitora crept up from behind and sliced his head off. He was then forced to bail out.[6]

Large-Scale Invasion Arc Edit

Tōma fell asleep on a couch and ended up sleeping through the initial part of the invasion.[7] He eventually joined the battle against Hairein, commenting that it would be like a game. He and Narasaka fired through the gaps in the shield to hit Hairen.

Moira warped in a rabbit to deal with Tōma. He called out for his captain to teleport him and was unable to continue the battle against Hairein. He was told to wait, and questioned if the new models would start destroying the base.[8] Tōma stated they should wrap up the three rabbits that started attacking HQ in three minutes.[9]

He received a Excellent Service Award.[10]

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