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Izukacha (イズカチャ?) is a Neighbor from Calvaria, and a childhood friend of Yūma Kuga.


Izukacha is a tall and young girl. She has messy dark brown neck-length hair and dark brown eyes, and a dark skin complexion. She wears a mainly-white dress with a large neck, which has orange sleeves connected to each other through an orange stripe in the shoulders. She also wears a white choker in her neck and a black pantyhose.


She seems to be a gentle girl. However, she apparently bullied Yūma due to him mistaking her for a boy at first.[2]


Back when they met, Yūma mistook her for a boy, and she apparently bullied/teased him for it so much, the next time he mistook a girl for a boy, he apologized with a dogeza in fear of it happening again.[2]


Black Trigger Retrieval Arc[]

She is seen in Yūma's flashback during the time that he and his father were fighting in Calvaria.


  • Her voice actress, Kozue Kamada, also voices Karin Yuitsuka and Yuka Kon.
  • Like with other Calvaria citizens, Izukacha is named after a character from the manga and anime series Doraemon. In her case, her name comes from the main heroine, Shizuka Minamoto.
  • Ashihara's manager once commented, "what a bust for a 13-year-old!" about her.[1]


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