Arashiyama is a skilled agent and a good leader, enough to be the captain of an A-Rank unit whose ranking is maintained despite the pressures of PR work.[1] He was extolled as an "outstanding" captain for his ability to choose coordination-based strategies that best fit the situation.[2] He gave proof of moderate analytical abilities while serving as a commentator, describing various tactics used in the match for the audience.[3][4][5]

As an All-Rounder, he can fight efficiently at both close and middle range and is extremely flexible in general,[6] with his Trigger set also granting him remarkable supportive and defensive capabilities as well. Although he seems to currently specialize in coordinating with Tokieda,[2] his prowess as a solo agent is demonstrated by his former role as the ace of his team, which he later relinquished to Kitora in order to control the battlefield and his unit more easily.[7]

Although Arashiyama does not use any Gunner Triggers as a Shooter, Karasuma deemed him a more qualified coach than himself to teach Osamu advanced shooting tactics[8] that would allow him to score by himself, which he in fact detailed and demonstrated to Osamu,[9] proving himself to possess skills that exceed the requirements of his Trigger set.

Aside from his effectiveness in combat, Arashiyama is a very charismatic individual who caught Netsuki's eye in his early days at Border for his natural ability to communicate and win others over.[10] Together with his looks, this ultimately resulted in his unit becoming the PR squad.[11]


Jun Arashiyama's Triggers
Type: White trion Normal Meteora
Arashiyama Meteora2
Classification: GU Gunner
Arashiyama fires Meteora through the lower barrel of his assault rifle.[12] It shoots a single projectile which produces a powerful explosion.[12] He appears to be quite skilled with this Trigger, holding off two A-Rank agents despite his impaired mobility.[13]

Type: White trion Normal Asteroid
Arashiyama Tokieda Asteroid
Classification: GU Gunner
Arashiyama fires Asteroid bullets through his assault rifle, which has a high rate of fire.[14] He often coordinates with his teammates to increase their overall firepower or attack the opponent from multiple directions, a tactic that is rendered even more effective by the use of Teleporter.[15] He and Tokieda were able to destroy the durable armor of an injured Rabbit in a matter of seconds.[16]

Type: White trion Normal Shield
Arashiyama Shield
Classification: DE Defense
Border's default Defense Trigger, which erects a mobile barrier in a location chosen by the user. Arashiyama often gives his Shield a peculiar rectangular shape,[17] which allows him to defend himself while minimizing the surface area and thus maximixing its durability.

Type: White trion Normal Teleporter
Arashiyama Teleporter2
Classification: OP Optional
A Trigger that warps the user a few meters in the direction they are facing.[18] Defensively, Arashiyama uses it to dodge[19] and to safely play the role of decoy.[15] However, he can also use it aggressively: After luring an enemy into thinking they have moved behind him, Arashiyama can activate Teleporter to warp behind their back and attack.[20] This tactic, which aims to turn the tables all at once,[2] is especially powerful when Arashiyama and Tokieda combine their firepower after the former teleports.[18]

Type: White trion Normal Scorpion
Arashiyama Scorpion
Classification: AT Attacker
A light, malleable blade with high offensive capabilities that Arashiyama uses in melee combat. He frequently employs it in feints with Shield and his Gunner Trigger, using the latter to trick the opponent into thinking he has a Trigger active both in the main and the sub, before striking with Scorpion.[BBF Q168]


Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[21] 7 7 9 7 8 4 8 4 54


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