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Kō Murakami ((むら)(かみ) (こう) Murakami Kō ?) is Chapter 93 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Yūma has a Rank War with Murakami, only to lose.

Long Summary[]

Shortly after Tamakoma Second won their rank war against Suwa Squad and Arafune Squad, Murakami arrived inside the lounge. He reveals that he was there to practice for his upcoming battle against Tamakoma Second, since their tactics managed to force Arafune to use his Kogetsu. He initially challenges Midorikawa, but the latter refuses since he had lost to Yūma beforehand. Yoneya offers to battle him, but Murakami declines, saying that he needs to fight an opponent who uses Grasshopper. Yūma himself volunteers, to which Murakami accepts. Despite the others' attempts to dissuade the battle from taking place, Yūma declares that he will do it to test Murakami's ability. Murakami sets two conditions: 10 matches and a 15-minute interval between the 5th and 6th battles. Yūma accepts.

Meanwhile, Chika and Kizaki are eating ramen, when Chika asks him if he always trained physically. Kizaki replies, saying that he did, as per what his father had told him. Kizaki goes on to explain that his father was a rescue worker, but died 9 years before when saving a child. Kizaki tells Chika his father's motto: "rescuers who don't return alive fail." He concludes by saying that he will train himself by becoming stronger to save more people and that Chika should concentrate on doing the same.

Yūma beat Murakami 4 times in the first 5 matches. Osamu considers having his strategy for the next battle centering on Yūma. However, Yoneya deters him from thinking that way, saying that Murakami's real ability was going to be seen in the next 5 fights.

Yūko Kumagai, Nasu Squad's Attacker, is groped by Jin. To apologize, Jin tells her about the Rank War going on between her future opponents.

The Rank War ends in 6-4, Murakami's victory. He had won every single match after the 15-minute break. He reveals his Side Effect to be "enhanced sleep memory", human's organize and internalize the information they learn when they are asleep, but Murakami's Side Effect takes that ability to the extreme.

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