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Kō Murakami 2 ((むら)(かみ) (こう)Murakami Kō 2 ?) is Chapter 100 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Yūma and Murakami begin their fight while the Shootout on the east continues.

Long Summary[]

Murakami and Yūma finally meet each other in battle, with Mikami pointing out that the confrontation was rather calm. Tachikawa explains that Yūma knew Murakami was waiting for him by using Radar and tried to lure him into the open. In the end, Yūma used a face-to-face approach to deal with Murakami.

Meanwhile, Nasu begins a series of maneuvers in order to gain points to make up for the ones her, fallen comrades could not obtain while keeping on guard for Osamu. She uses Birdcage, a Viper technique, to little-by-little take out Kuruma. Kuruma has Taichi to help him defend, but Nasu changes her attack to a Full Attack that was disguised as a birdcage to break through the shield. Osamu uses her distraction to try and attack her, but she easily dodges it. Tachikawa elucidates that he was simply trying to be a nuisance.

Back on the west shore, Yūma and Murakami continue their battle, with Murakami seemingly having the advantage. Tachikawa notes that it was uncommon for someone to not be immediately taken out by Murakami. He praises Yūma's use of techniques, though he states that they were too weak for Murakami, as Murakami has much experience with various opponents. Even Jin admits that Yūma only has a 20% chance of winning. Despite this, he bets on Yūma's victory as his past experiences weights just as heavily as Murakami's.

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