Izumi is an exceptionally talented and powerful Shooter. Even the No. 1 Shooter and No. 2 overall fighter, Masataka Ninomiya, begged Izumi to mentor him to improve his technique.[1] Indeed, Izumi is one of the few Shooters who can score points on his own in rank battles; nonetheless, he is considered one of the three best supporters in Border.[2] After fighting with Izumi, Hairein, admiring his prowess, wished to capture him to make him one of his underlings.[3] His strength consists in a combination of great firepower, owed to his high level of trion, and the flexibility granted by his mastery over all types of bullets.[4] Izumi is also noted to be able to produce composite bullets, of which he is the inventor,[BBF Q145] in a mere two seconds.[5] Another of his strong points is his adaptable way of thinking. His innate perceptiveness allows him to see through the opponent's fighting style and to prepare countermeasures. It also improves his ability as a coach.[4]


Kōhei Izumi's Triggers
Type: White trion Normal Bagworm
Izumi Bagworm
Classification: OP Option
A default Trigger that prevents the user's position from appearing on the Radar.

Type: White trion Normal Viper
Izumi Viper anime
Classification: GU Shooter
Izumi is one of the only two Border agents who can create new patterns for Viper every time they use it, the other being the specialist Rei Nasu.[6] He has used this skill to make his bullets fly complicated routes so as to prevent the opponent from figuring out where they will hit[7] and to attack without disclosing his location by altering their paths out of sight.[8]

Type: White trion Normal Hound
Izumi Hound
Classification: GU Shooter
Exploiting Hound's ability to home in on the target, Izumi can use it for pincer attacks with another Gunner Trigger, performing an inescapable multi-directional attack or striking from the target's blind spot. He was able to shoot down all the Alektor bullets that Hairein aimed at him, a superhuman feat[4] that earned him his opponent's praise.

Type: White trion Normal Asteroid
Izumi Asteroid2
Classification: GU Shooter
Izumi usually fights using Asteroid in Full Attack. Thanks to his massive amount of trion, Izumi can choose hit probability through sheer numbers over accuracy, splitting his trion cubes several times. His firepower remains such that Ai Kitora was convinced her Shield would not be able to resist one of his barrages. As a masterful Shooter, Izumi is able to scatter the bullets to increase his area of attack.

Type: White trion Normal Shield



Izumi can create the Shield at the precise area of attack. Thanks to his high Trion, it is very durable, withstanding for a short time the combined firepower of Arashiyama and Tokieda. He is able to use Full Guard strategically, pretending to be in Full Attack and luring a Sniper into shooting, causing them to reveal their position while being fully protected. With Full Guard, he can stop Chelidon's destructive beams.[9]
Type: White trion Normal Radar
Izumi Radar
Classification: Basic
A default Trigger that shows the position of any Trion body within range. Like Bail Out, it does not occupy a Trigger slot and is a standard piece of equipment of all Border agents.

Type: White trion Normal Meteora
Izumi Meteora
Classification: GU Shooter
Thanks to Izumi's abundant trion, his Meteora is particularly powerful. He can use it to cause widespread destruction, depriving the enemy of hiding spots and clearing lines of fire for ally Snipers. By scattering the bullets and firing each at a different angle, he can increase greatly the area of the ensuing explosions.

Type: White trion Normal Tomahawk
Izumi Tomahawk
Classification: GU Shooter (Composite)
Izumi is able to create Tomahawk in only 2 seconds.[5] By exploiting its ability to travel along preset routes, like Viper, Izumi can bombard the enemy without giving away his exact position by curving the trajectory of the bullets.[10] Thanks to the radius of the blasts, they can be effective in combat without direct lines of sight,[11] just by guessing the general location of the opponent.[12]

Type: White trion Normal Gimlet
Izumi Gimlet
Classification: GU Shooter (Composite)
Izumi is able to fuse two Asteroid cubes in only 2 seconds[5] to create Gimlet. A single round was able to penetrate the durable armor of a Rabbit,[13] which means each bullet is more powerful than Ibis.[14]


Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[15] 12 8 10 5 9 5 3 4 56