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Katori Squad (()(とり)(たい) Katori-tai ?) is Chapter 137 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Tamakoma Second, Katori Squad, and Kakizaki Squad prepare for their Round 5 Rank War, with Katori Squad experiencing heavy tension between Wakamura and Katori. The Rank Battle begins, taking place in an industrial zone.

Long Summary[]

Osamu discusses the two enemy teams. Katori Squad has an ace, Katori, who is responsible for the downs, and she is supported by her teammates. Kakizaki Squad, on the other hand, had all members relatively equal in terms of responsibility. As both teams possess no Snipers, Chika will be the key to victory. Osamu predicts that Kakizaki Squad will choose a setting with many buildings to make things harder for Chika. Kakizaki Squad discusses the choice of their map, which is an industrial zone. Their plan is to use the buildings to hide and get close to Chika, and then take her out. Kakizaki compares Tamakoma Second to Katori Squad in that both teams have aces, both of whom must be avoided. Kakizaki informs them of Tamakoma Second's goal to join the Expedition Force. He declares that they would not let Tamakoma Second win, though. Katori Squad is studying the other two Squads, but Katori shows no interest in doing it. Wakamura chides her for not being more involved, noting that their team was dropping. Katori states that if it's the case, then it's the case. Wakamura alludes to Katori's attitude, and recalls former incidents where she simply gave up after encountering a challenge. Katori tells him that she would not tolerate being criticized by someone less talented than she. He yells at her, telling her to actually try before deciding that things are not worthy of pursuit. However, she totally disregards this, and Somei informs them the battle is about to begin.

All the teams teleport into the map, scattered. Osamu orders Chika and Yūma to rendezvous with him. However, Katori approaches Yūma.

Characters in order of appearance[]

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


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