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Katori Squad vs. Suwa Squad vs. Nasu Squad is a three way Rank War that took place during Round 8, between Katori Squad, Suwa Squad and Nasu Squad.


This was the final Rank War of the season, and Nasu Squad's last opportunity to reach the B-rank upper group before Hiura left Border.


The map is cityscape C, one with a vertical landscape. The team to get to the top claims the advantage, and currently, Katori Squad held that vantage point. However, with Nasu s Viper, Katori Squad is forced to be on the defensive. Suwa Squad joined the fray, and Kumagai and Sasamori took each other out. After that, Nasu Squad was attacked by the other two Squads, but then Suwa attacked Katori Squad. In the process, Miura was taken out. Hiura sniped at Suwa, forcing him to stay on the defensive. Wakamura ordered Katori to pursue Nasu Squad by attacking them along with Suwa Squad. Nasu fired focused Viper shots; prompting Wakamura to form frontal shields. However, one of the shots struck a Meteor trap behind, causing Wakamura to Bail Out. Frustrated by Wakamura's failure, Katori decided to do things her own way.

With five combatants remaining, Suwa Squad remained together whereas Nasu Squad split up; Katori was alone. Suwa Squad intended on taking down Katori. Katori unleashed a Spider and then goes for a close-up attack with Scorpion on Suwa. Suwa blocked, but Katori planted more Spider webs to immobilize him and then stabbed him while he was still distracted, forcing him to bail out. Katori then engaged in a firefight with Tsutsumi, losing her left leg in the process. She fled and turned her attention to Nasu, who answered with Viper. Though she evaded the initial firing, the bullets changed trajectory and returned. Nasu prepared to defeat Katori when she found herself suddenly immobilized by Spider. Katori launched herself and slashed Nasu's right shoulder, leading Nasu to Bail Out. However, in the process, Tsutsumi ambushed Katori, forcing her, too, to Bail Out. Nasu's Viper bullets continued to approach him, but he noticed a fixed charge. He used a fixed shield to protect himself from the trap as well as Hiura's firing. Hiura aims for the charge, causing it to detonate. Tsutsumi had focused the shield to his vitals, but Hiura's shot actually hit lower, and he bailed out. With that, the match ended with Nasu Squad's victory.


  • An emotional ending to Akane's final battle, Nasu Squad had secured a spot in the top B-Rank positions!