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This page is about the chapter. For other uses, see Kazama Squad (disambiguation).

Kazama Squad (風間隊 Kazama-tai ?) is chapter 56 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short summary[]

Kikuchihara's Side Effect is revealed; enhanced hearing. While it wasn't revered at first, Kazama saw this as a potential asset to his team. Along with the then-operator, Shiori Usami, they become powerful, quickly rising through the ranking even becoming A-rank. However, Enedra reveals that he possesses a Black Trigger, and easily defeats Kazama.

Long summary[]

Two years ago, Kikuchihara learned about his Side Effect, which is enhanced hearing but per border's standards it was ranked at the bottom as a C-rank Side Effect. Many condemned it as plain, and Kikuchihara agreed. However, Kazama, 19 at the time, sees potential in this Side Effect, and invites him to join Kazama Squad who had Usami as an Operator instead of Kaho. Usami analyzes how Kikuchihara's Side Effect can be used to help the team but Utagawa tells her to cut to the point. Kazama simplifies it by saying Kikuchihara will be the ears of the squad as they will share audio transmission then finishes by saying to join his squad after he becomes B-rank. Through winning battles thanks to their combination of Kikuchihara's Side Effect and the trigger, Chameleon, Kazama Squad becomes a feared force, as well as Kikuchihara's Side Effect becoming more respected.

Enedra expresses impatience with the team's constant dodging of his ability, and decides to go at "full-power". However, Kazama, using Chameleon, sneaks up behind him and attacks him. While Enedra seems to be decapitated, his body suddenly reforms, and Kazama begins to cough up trion. Mikami tries to explain this as something from within the Trion Body, and Enedra reveals he has a Black Trigger. He then finishes off Kazama, preparing to attack Utagawa and Kikuchihara.

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