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Kazuma Satomi ((さと)() (かず)() Satomi Kazuma ?) is Chapter 180 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Midorikawa introduces Kazuma Satomi to Osamu and Yūma. Kazuma explores the strengths of Yuba and Ninomiya to Osamu. Then, Midorikawa and Yūma meet Yuba himself.

Long Summary[]

Yūma and Osamu meet Kazuma Satomi, a gunner from Kusakabe Squad. Yūma asks him about how Yuba behaves in battle. Kazuma asserts that Yuba is the strongest one-on-one fighter because, unlike other high-ranked fighters, Yuba earned his points by winning lots of solo rank wars. Yuba Squad's rank fell because one of their members, Tadaomi Kanda, left to concentrate on his academics. The strategy the team would employ prior to Kanda's departure was to have Yuba confront people one-on-one, while Kanda both take command and take out anyone else left.

Yūma and Midorikawa leave to meet Yuba, as Osamu asks Kazuma about Ninomiya. Like with Yuba, Kazuma describes him as the strongest one-on-one fighter, explaining that he imitates Ninomiya's style alongside Yuba's techniques. Ninomiya's style is to combine the use of small, numerous shots and large, powerful shots to divert and overwhelm an opponent. He further tells Osamu that even though Ninomiya's strategy is known, countering it is difficult nonetheless; though he believes Hyuse may stand a chance against him. Osamu asks whether Yuba or Ninomiya would be victorious in a solo battle. Kazuma responds that in normal situations, Ninomiya would win due to his superior trion levels and range of abilities, but in a complicated map, Yuba could win if he got Ninomiya in range. Shooters are inherently slower than Gunners because they have to divide their trion before shooting which is a four step process, so a Gunner who can whip our their gun quickly can outdo a Shooter which is only a two step process. When asked, Kazuma explains that he chose to be a Gunner, as he could not shoot Trion cubes properly nor could he lay out traps however, he can train his body to attack by only using his reflexes (which he seemingly enjoys) on top of that he says his guns are like an extension of his own body.

Kazuma is summoned by his teammates, so he bids Osamu farewell. Jin shows up, with Osamu explaining the conversation he had with Kazuma. Jin informs him how good he has it, revealing to him that Kazuma is the No. 1 Gunner.

Yūma and Midorikawa rush to Yuba Squad's operator room when Yuba emerges to greet them.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

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