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Kei Tachikawa (太刀川 慶 Tachikawa Kei?) is chapter 27 of the World Trigger manga.

Short SummaryEdit

The fighting continues between Jin and Border's top teams.

Long SummaryEdit

Somewhere inside the Danger Zone, Jin stands off against Tachikawa and Kazama where not only Jin deflects Tachikawa and Kazama's attacks, but he also dodges the shots fired by the snipers. Narasaka says they cannot avoid the fact that Jin will dodge their shots and asks Tōma to join their offensive. However, Tōma replies that his pride as a sniper won't allow him to shoot at a target he knows he cannot hit, and he decides to go meet up with Miwa. As Tōma leaves the scene, Kikuchihara notices that Jin has continually retreated from his attackers, and Kazama remarks on how Jin has manipulated them into position, which Tachikawa again wonders what he is up to.

At the Tamakoma Branch, Yūma asks Usami about the Trigger Osamu used previously. Usami explains that it is a defensive and the heaviest Trigger which is perfect for strong people such as Reiji. She then says that the No. 1 attacker at Border, Tachikawa, uses Kogetsu, and is considered Jin's rival. When asked who is stronger between the two, Usami guesses probably Tachikawa is stronger. She adds that a few years ago, Tachikawa and Jin would rank first and second in battles, respectively. Because of Tachikawa's proficiency with Kogetsu, Jin worked with engineers to create Scorpion. As a result, their fights were equally matched until Jin received Fūjin. She further explains that although Black Triggers can typically only be used by a compatible person, there were 20 people compatible with Fūjin, although Jin defeated the other rivals and won the Trigger. Tachikawa wasn't able to fight for the Black Trigger, because the Trigger didn't pick him.

Meanwhile, Tachikawa notices that Jin is being passive, unlike the latter's former days. Kikuchihara then remarks that Jin is stalling them in order to buy some time for Yūma to escape. However, Kazama dismisses this and says that Jin wants them to withdraw by depleting their Trion. Kikuchihara suggests that they should head to Tamakoma instead to which Kazama agrees. At this, Jin unleashes his Fūjin and decapitates Kikuchihara, forcing him to bail out. As Jin faces Tachikawa, Kazama, and Utagawa, he says it's time for Plan B.

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