Black Trigger Retrieval Arc: Edit

Ken Satori appeared with his team, waiting for an opening in Izumi’s stance in order to snipe him. Izumi blocked the shot, and immediately pinpointed him, too which he complained about getting lured in.[1]

After Mitsuru Tokieda and Yōsuke Yoneya were forced to bail out, Miwa Shuuji remarked it was three vs. two. Satori muttered that he was there too.[2]

Jun Arashiyama contacted Satori, asking where he was, too which Satori replied he was keeping his head down and staying alive. Kitora Ai asked him what he was doing, but Jun asked him to increase the radar accuracy to track Miwa’s movements. Jun observed that Izumi and Miwa were headed for Jin, but that due to Isami Tōma wearing a bagworm, they were uncertain about his movements.

As Miwa and Izumi aimed at Jun, Satori sniped off both of their right hands at the same time.[3] When the mission was called off, Satori asked Jun if he had seen his deciding twin-snipe.[4]

Border Enlistment Arc: Edit

Satori was partnered with Haruaki Azuma and Tetsuji Arafune to teach c-rankers how to snipe. He directed the c-class on which way to go.[5] He taught the difference between the classes of sniper weapons available. When Chika Amatori asked if it was okay not to run after shooting, he was surprised and looked over. When Chika blew a hole in the wall, he was stunned into silence.[6]

As Chika profusely apologized, Satori apologized back. Azuma promptly verbally piled all responsibility on him, reassuring Chika everything would be fine to which Satori tearfully agreed. Development Chief Kinuta appeared to demand what was going on, and Satori claimed responsibility. Kinuta head chopped him demanding how he could let defense members destroy the base. As Kinuta calmed down at the sight of Chika, Satori was stunned and Azuma explained why.[7]

Large-Scale Invasion Arc: Edit

Satori joined forces with Jun, Yūma Kuga, and Tokieda to fight trion soldiers.[8] He continued fighting the regular trion soldiers after Yūma left. Shortly after Aftokrator retreated, Satori sniped down a trion soldier attacking Kirie Konami. Another promptly counterattacked him, forcing him into the air and off the building. He destroyed it in two shots.[9]

He and the rest of his team received the Outstanding Service Reward.[10]

B-Rank Rank Battles Arc: Edit

Satori was one of the two moderators for one of the battles, alongside Mikumo Osamu. He was asked to give a simple analysis of the rank wars. He cheered at Chika destroying the house that Tamakoma-2 enemies were waiting at.[11]



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