So the tip changes shape. That's why it kept getting me when I thought I dodged.

Yūma Kuga, in Miwa Unit 2.[1]


Bladed point

Gen'you vs. Nikokyra (126)

Kanji 幻踊
Rōmaji Gen'yō
Organization BrDr Border
Type White trion Normal
Classification Optional Optional (Exclusive)
- Blade shape manipulation
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 14
Anime Episode 7

Gen'yō ((げん)(よう)? lit. Phantom Dance) is an Optional Trigger exclusive to Kogetsu,[3][4] including its spear variant.[2] An attack carried out using this Trigger takes the name of Gen'yō Kogetsu ((げん)(よう)()(げつ)? lit. Phantom Dance Crescent Moon).[2]


Gen'yō has no physical manifestation outside of its effect on Kogetsu, whose blade it enables the user to morph at will.[1]


The origins of this Trigger are unknown. Due to its function, it cannot have been created before Kogetsu.


Yoneya Gen'you

Gen'yō circumventing Lamvanein's shield.

Gen'yō allows the user to freely manipulate the shape of Kogetsu's blade. It is often used as a counter-countermeasure as the user launches an attack with Kogetsu: if the target attempts to dodge,[5] the blade can be morphed in order to anticipate or follow their movement,[1] or it can be made to go around any defense they interpose.[2] This latter application is especially useful against Triggers that adversely affect weapons they come in contact with.[6] Particularly skilled users can synchronize the activation of Gen'yō so precisely that the opponent might fail to see the blade morph and to understand how they have been hit.[5]


See also: Gen'yō Users

There are only two known users of Gen'yō:[7] Yōsuke Yoneya through his spear[2] and Yūta Miura in conjunction with a standard Kogetsu.[4] The former is particularly remarkable for seamlessly integrating the Trigger in his combat style.


  • The name of this Trigger was revealed 45 chapters[2] after it was first shown in use.[5]



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