So the tip changes shape. That's why it kept getting me when I thought I dodged.

Yūma Kuga, in Miwa Unit 2.[1]


Bladed point

Yōneya Kogetsu

Kanji 幻踊
Rōmaji Gen'yō
Organization BrDr Border
Type White trion Normal
Classification Optional Optional (Attacker only)
- Blade shape manipulation
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 14
Anime Episode 7

Gen'yō (幻踊(げんよう)? lit. Phantom Dance) is an Optional Trigger exclusive to Kogetsu,[3] both the regular one[4] and its Spear variant.[2] An attack carried out using this Trigger takes the name of Gen'yō Kogetsu (幻踊弧月(げんようこげつ)? lit. Phantom Dance Crescent Moon).[2]


Gen'yō allows the user to modify Kogetsu's blade as they see fit.[1] As such, it has no fixed shape.


The origins of this Trigger are unknown.


Gen'yō allows the user to freely manipulate the shape of Kogetsu's blade.[1] It is primarily used to foil the attempts of the opponent to counter an attack, sprouting additional blades[1] if they try to dodge,[5] changing the shape of the blade if they interpose a defense in order to bypass it.[2]

Yoneya Gen'you

Gen'yō circumventing Lamvanein's shield.

Gen'yō is particularly useful against those Triggers with which contact must be avoided, like Nikokyra, as the user can bend the blade not to touch it and restore its original form immediately afterwards, effectively circumventing the obstacle.[6] It is generally unable to inflict lethal damage on a watchful foe,[7] but it is very effective when targeting limbs.[6] Particularly quick users can activate Gen'yō only after starting the swing and switch it off as soon as it is over, thus preventing the opponent from understanding why they have been hit.[5]


See also: Gen'yō Users

This Trigger has only 2 users out of all the known units:[8] Yōsuke Yoneya[2] and Yūta Miura.[4] The former is particularly remarkable for integrating it in his combat style.


  • The name of this Trigger was revealed 45 chapters after its first appearance.[2]



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