You think I can't use my spear in small spaces? I have ways around that.

Yōsuke Yoneya to Ai Kitora, in Arashiyama Unit 3.[1]

Kogetsu: Spear[2]


Yōneya Kogetsu

Kanji 弧月 (槍)
Rōmaji Kogetsu (Yari)
User Yōsuke Yoneya
Organization BrDrBorder
Type White trion Normal
Classification Kogetsu Spear icon Attacker
- High offensive power
- Long reach
- Adjustable handle
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 2
Anime Episode 2

Kogetsu has an alternative configuration, the Spear ( Yari?), which, as the name suggests, takes the form of a spear. Unlike Raygust's various modes, the user cannot switch from one form to the other. It seems to be classified both as an independent Trigger and as a customization of Kogetsu,[2] although the latter might be due to subsequent modifications.[3]


This model of Kogetsu is similar to a Sansaku Yari, with a long, gray handle and a glowing arrow-shaped tip made out of trion.


Due to the amount of trion necessary to materialize the handle of Kogetsu being lower than that required for the blade, Yoneya asked one of the five Chief Engineers to develop a variation of Kogetsu with a shorter blade and a longer handle.[4] Yoneya later had it customized so it would be possible to shorten the handle.[3]


This configuration has a longer reach than the normal Kogetsu, as well as a lower trion consumption. It is ideal for those Attackers who have a low amount of trion, since less is expended in the materialization of the blade.[4] It is generally wielded with both hands,[5] but it is light enough to be used with only one for longer-ranged lunges[6] or, more uncommonly, slashes.[7] The length of the handle can be reduced to fight in narrow environments.[1] Since it is derived from Kogetsu, both Gen'yō[8] and Senkū,[9] Kogetsu's two Optional Triggers, can be used in conjunction with it.


The only known user of this Trigger is Yōsuke Yoneya.




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