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Koskero (コスケロ Kosukero?) is an agent from Galopoula sent to Mikado City.


Koskero dark hair reaching to his chin, with bangs covering most of his forehead, and also sideburns. He also has a stubbly goatee.


Koskero shows a very calm, laidback attitude towards his work.[citation needed] Ashihara hinted that he may be opposed to violence, shown through his usage of the nonviolent Nikokyra.[2]



  • As with the other Galopoula Expedition Force members, Koskero's name originates from a character from Kiteretsu Daihyakka. In his case, his name is simply an anagram of the character Korosuke's name (コロ助) written in Katakana (コロスケ).
  • According to Volume 15, Koskero likes:
    • Chicken
    • Cheese
    • Bread
    • Reading


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