As the sub-leader of the blitz, Koskero was deemed a capable individual. A testament to his fighting progress is that Miwa reckoned that the quickest way to bring him down would be to combine Yoneya's efforts and his own with a sneak attack from Jin while using a Black Trigger.


Koskero's Triggers
Type: White trion Normal Nikokyra
Slime use

By coating his forearm in Nikokyra, Koskero block his opponent's attacks while causing the liquid to stick to the edge of their weapons, rendering them completely inoffensive[1] and discouraging head-on assaults. Koskero uses Ninkokyra in this fashion in conjunction with the Octagonal Blade to fight in melee.[2] However, should he decide to focus on protecting himself and debilitating the opponent, he can unleash Nikokyra's full power, causing the liquid to increase in quantity and to spiral around him as a defense, fighting in mid range. He can control it telekinetically, targeting not only the enemy's weapons, but also their feet, as the liquid considerably reduces attrition, making it very difficult to move.[3] Since it is also very thick, if it sticks to an opponent's hands, it prevents them from getting a good grip on their weapons.[3] Koskero can also hide part of the liquid and then direct it at the enemy from their blind spots.[4] While it can stop even the Lead Bullet,[5] a disadvantage is that Nikokyra cannot block attacks that are not made out of trion.[6]

Type: White trion Normal Octagonal Blade
Octagonal blade

A weapon composed of a pointed blade and an octagonal shield that appears on the back of Koskero's right hand, which can be used both for offense and defense.[2] The blade can also be lengthened to a certain extent.[2]

Type: White trion Normal Cane

A cane that Koskero used to support himself after he lost a leg.[7] It's unknown if it has any other purpose.

Type: White trion Normal Summon (Mortar)
Classification: GU Shooter
When planted into a solid surface, this Trigger opens up a small portal through which a Dog comes out.[8] In general, a Galopoula soldier carries many of them.[9][8] By using a mortar, Koskero can fire several dozens of these Triggers at once, gaining also a remarkable increase in range.[10]


Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[11] 9 8 10 7 10 3 8 6 61