Within his unit, Tomoe seems to be in charge of swift pincer attacks while his captain and Teruya keep the enemy in place with their Gunner Triggers. Despite being a Gunner, he has shown aptitude also with Attacker Triggers. His equipment makes his fighting style similar to those of close-range All Rounders. Tomoe is a precocious talent, having being accepted into Border despite being an elementary student.[1] Kakizaki believes his skills to be higher than what Border's evaluation suggests.[2]


Kotarō Tomoe's Triggers
Type: White trion Normal Kogetsu
Miura Kogetsu
Classification: AT Attacker
Tomoe fights using the Kogetsu in close quarters combat. By handling it with one hand instead of two, he can quickly activate another Trigger and fight on multiple ranges.[3]

Type: White trion Normal Hound
Tomoe Hound
Classification: GU Gunner
Tomoe fights using a handgun loaded with Hound bullets. Since it can be wielded with one hand, Tomoe can fire it while in melee by activating an Attacker Trigger.[3] Exploiting its homing bullets, Tomoe can also fire it at an opponent to force them to defend themselves, limiting their movements to subsequently attack them with another Trigger.[4]

Type: White trion Normal Bagworm
Tomoe Bagworm
Classification: OP Option
A default Trigger that prevents the user's position from appearing on the Radar.

Type: White trion Normal Shield

Tomoe Shield1

Multi Full Guard

Border's default Defense Trigger, which erects a mobile barrier in a location chosen by the user. Tomoe can use a focused version to defend against Snipers.[5] He is also able to activate Full Guard in front of a moving ally, protecting them as they prepare to attack. He can also combine it with those of other agents.


Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[6] 5 7 5 8 6 2 3 2 38