As a member of the Tamakoma Branch and of Kizaki Unit, Kyōsuke is a talented and powerful fighter. He easily defeated the weaker Osamu Mikumo during their training. Despite specializing in Attacker and Gunner Triggers, he is training Osamu to become a more effective Shooter, showing he is knowledgeable in other fields as well. Among his former pupils is A Unit ace Ai Kitora. Being an All-Rounder, Karasuma is rather versatile in combat. As a Gunner, he balances attack and defense, taking shelter behind one of Defense Triggers while shooting. He was seen using his Attacker Trigger only in conjunction with Geist. With them, was able to defeat a Rabbit on his own despite one Rabbit being considered enough to capture an A rank opponent. He is very level-headed in combat, even when pressed by Geist's time limit, never pursuing the enemy too deeply and making the most of the time he has left.


Kyōsuke Karasuma's Triggers
Type: White trion Normal Escudo
Karasuma Escudo1
Classification: DE Defense
A Trigger that causes a very durable shield to emerge from the ground. It can provide cover for Karasuma and his allies in a shootout. Since it can also be summoned remotely, Karasuma can use it to protect a distant target, or to impede the advance of and even restrain an opponent by trapping them between Escudo and a wall or another solid surface.

Type: White trion Normal Asteroid
Karasuma Asteroid anime
Classification: GU Gunner
Asteroid is one of Karasuma's most used offensive Triggers. His assault rifle grants him a high rate of fire. He often employs it in conjunction with Defense Triggers, such as Shield or Escudo, to protect himself while shooting.

Type: White trion Normal Viper
Karasuma Viper
Classification: GU Gunner
By flipping a switch on the barrel of his asault rifle, Karasuma can change the bullet type to Viper. Taking advantage of its controllable trajectory, Karasuma can cause the bullets to go around the protection and hit the opponent directly from multiple angles.[1] Even if the target can block them, they will likely be unable to move freely, allowing an ally of Karasuma to finish them off.

Type: White trion Normal Kogetsu
Karasuma Kogetsu anime
Classification: AT Attacker
Since, being an All-Rounder, Karasuma has scored at least 6000 points with Kogetsu, it can be inferred he is proficient at using it. His level of skill is unknown but, by using it in conjunction with Geist, he was able to take down a Rabbit in one strike and pressure Hairein, a Black Trigger user.

Type: White trion Normal Geist

Karasuma Blade Shift anime

Speed Shift anime

Karasuma Gunner Shift

Karasuma's personal Trigger enhances his combat capabilities in return for forcing a Bail Out when he runs out of Trion. If he has not used any before activating Geist, Karasuma can last for about 284 seconds (less than 5 minutes).

Blade Shift: This mode increases Karasuma's speed and blade strength.[2] With it, he cut down a Rabbit in a single stroke while moving at high velocity, suggesting he has good control over his body even at that speed.

Speed Shift: This mode grants Karasuma even greater speed than Blade Shift. Karasuma demonstrated this by dodging a point-blank surprise attack from Hairein’s Alektor.[3]

Gunner Shift: This mode equips Karasuma with a weapon comparable in power to a cannon, which however conserves a good rate of fire. Its bullets are powerful enough to destroy multiple Idras and their combined Shields with ease.[4][5]

Type: White trion Normal Shield
Karasuma Shield
Classification: DE Defense
Border's default Defense Trigger. By putting it up around a firearm, Karasuma can keep shooting even while under attack.

Anime Only
Type: White trion Normal Meteora
Karasuma Meteora
Classification: GU Shooter
Karasuma attempted to use this Trigger at close range against Hairein, but was defeated before he had the chance to fire it.


Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[6] 7 8 8 7 8 4 6 5 53


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