It uses magnetic force and reflection... Quite an elaborate Trigger you've got there. Handy in many situations, and with a skilled user to boot.

Yūichi Jin, about Lampyris, in Large-Scale Invasion 14.[1]



Hyuse Lampyris1

Kanji 蝶の盾
Rōmaji Ranbirisu
User Hyuse
Organization NgBr Aftokrator
Type White trion Normal
Classification Horn
- Magnetism
- Trion reflection
- Creation of constructs
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 55
Anime Episode 25

Lampyris (蝶の盾(ランビリス) Ranbirisu?, lit. Butterfly Shield) is a Horn Trigger from Aftokrator.


Lampyris (manga)

Lampyris deactivated

Lampyris is stored in a bracelet-like Trigger Holder. Once activated, it takes the form of multiple magnetic shards which the user can mold into various shapes, with part of them usually taking the form of a gauntlet.


Lampyris is known to be a one of the very latest Triggers to be created in Aftokrator,[2] although it was already in existence at least two years prior to the large-scale invasion of Earth.[3]


Hyuse Lampyris1

Lampyris's magnetic shards

Lampyris is an extremely versatile Trigger that permits the user to manipulate countless magnetic “shards” through a gauntlet.[4] By reacting with each other, the shards can create a wide range of offensive-oriented constructs, sharp projectiles,[5] spikes[6] and giant shuriken that can even slice through Escudo,[7] a Defense Trigger capable of withstanding the beams of a Lamvanein-Type Rabbit.[8] At mid-range, it is possible to swarm the opponent with shards, immobilizing them completely and ending the confrontation in an instant.[9] Lampyiris also grants the user extensive defensive capabilities through the formation of shields,[10] tendrils[11] or domes;[12] however, the larger the construct, the thinner the defense.[13] The shards have the ability to repel trion bullets completely, taking no damage from them.[14]

The magnetism can also be exploited to attract[15] a target after shooting shards into their body, or to form a railgun that can fire extremely fast bullets.[16] The user and their allies can track down anyone who has been embedded with the shards.[17] Furthermore, this Trigger has vast supplementary capabilities, which include levitation,[11] the generation of magnetic tracks for high-speed displacement,[18] which can also be used in combat,[19] controlled reflection of trion bullets,[10] and camouflage in dark environments.[20]


The only known user of Lampyris is Hyuse, whose access to it is currently restricted by Border.[21] Other copies of this Trigger exist.[21] Hyuse-Type Rabbits have been endowed with the ability to fire magnetic shards from their chest[22] which are identical in appearance and effects to Lampyris's and can also react to it,[23] suggesting that Trigger was used as the base.


  • "Lampyris" (λαμπυρίς lampyrís) is the Greek name of a genus of fireflies.
  • Lampyris bears a similarity to the Iron Sand technique from the Naruto series. This technique allows the user to control grains of iron powder via magnetic forces. They can then mold the iron powder into any shape or weapon they want.


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