Well, a massacre is only a figure of speech, but I'm really starting to want to move my body a bit. Big bro... No, captain.

Lamvanein to Hairein in Large-Scale Invasion 3.[1]

Lamvanein (ランバネイン Ranbanein?) is a Neighbor from Aftokrator.


Rambanein anime design 2

Lamvanein is a tall neighbor with long, messy red-brown hair and light green eyes. Like all other Aftokrator neighbors, he has two horns on his head. He has goat-like horns and a broad nose.


Lamvanein is a carefree and fun-loving individual, who has a liking for fighting. He also seems to have a lot of respect for Hairein. He is very arrogant in battle, but is able to admit his defeat and praise a strong opponent.

According to Azuma, Lamvanein knows his strengths and weaknesses and fights rationally.[2] Despite his brutish appearance and his tough talk, he is a thinking fighter who does not act recklessly, actively covering his blind spots and thoroughly planning his attacks.




They appear to have a good relationship, but Hairein fears her cruel personality.[citation needed]




Yōsuke YoneyaEdit


  • (To Hairein) "Well, a massacre is only a figure of speech, but I'm really starting to want to move by body a bit. Big bro... No, captain." [1]


  • Lamvanein (λαμβάνειν lambánein) is the present active infinitive of the Greek verb Lamvano (λαμβάνω lambánō), "to take/receive".
  • According to volume 7, Lamvanein likes:
    • Battling strong opponents
    • Meat and alcohol
    • Flying
  • According to Ashihara, his image of design is Akaoni (Red Demon).



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